How to share and unshare a folder or file over a network

In today’s post we will see how to know shared folders on a Windows 10 network . As you know with this operating system you can share folders and / or files to several users on a local network.

How to see or know Shared Folders on a network in Windows 10

To begin, we will explain how to create a shared folder. To do this, just click on a folder to display a menu of options.

You must scroll towards the end of the menu to ” Properties “. In the new window that opened, look for the ” Share ” tab . They are at the top.

Look for the “Advanced Sharing …” button. It will take you to a new window in which you must complete some fields:

  • Check ” Share this folder”
  • Enter the name of the share, that is, the name of the folder.

The other fields are at your discretion: you must set a limit of users simultaneously, and add comments if you prefer. When you have finished completing all the fields, click ” Apply ” and ” OK ” to close and save the changes. You can easily share files and folders between Windows user accounts.

How to view shared folders fast and easy

You can do it through the command “Run in Windows 10” . This command is very useful especially when we want to know the information about the system, directories and execution of programs and applications. To do this, press the “Win + R” keys

You will get a box in which you must write “fsmgmt.msc” and then click “OK”. After this a window will open with all the folders that have been shared in Windows 10 from the “Shared Resources” section.

You can see this option in the menu on the left of the screen. There the name, the path , the number of client connections will be detailed , which are the connections that are active at that moment and a description of it, which is the one you have entered in the comments.

How to share and unshare a folder or file over a network

Sharing a folder or file over a network is a great way to keep all your important information on multiple devices at the same time. To start, find a file or folder that you want to share.

You may not know it, but it is also possible to share files and folders by being connected to a homegroup.

Position yourself on it and with the right mouse button. A menu of options will be displayed. Scroll down and look for ” Grant permission to> Specific users.”

You will get a pop-up window with the legend ” Network access “. In the center of it, a search bar for you to choose the user to whom you want to share the file. You can write their name or click on the arrow to the right of the bar to search the list of users you have available.

In case you want to create a user, you can do it from the last option in the list in “Create a new user …”

Finally, to share the file or folder alone you have to click on the ” Share ” button at the bottom of the window. When you have finished sharing you must click on the “Finish” button .

If there are several files that you want to share, you can select several files together by holding down the mouse, hovering over the files or folders, pressing “Ctrl + E” to select all; or by holding down the ” Ctrl ” key while clicking on the files you want to share.

In order to stop sharing files or folders in File Explorer, you must perform the following procedure.

Start by choosing a file that you have granted permission to share. Right-click to open the drop-down menu. Look in the list of options for “Grant access> Remove access to …”.

This way you will stop sharing files or folders. You can do it one by one, select several, or even select all. In order to organize the files you have and share, you create a list of files in the notepad.

As you can see, it is very easy to know which are the folders that you share in the same local network of users on your Windows 10 computer, as well as the details of each one . Leave your comment below if you have questions to help you solve them.


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