How to share an IGTV on your Instagram Storie?

One of the most important updates that Instagram had, was the incorporation of IGTV, which, in principle, was linked to the Instagram app itself and allowed users to make much longer videos. Recently, IGTV was separated as a separate application, but it still works the same in conjunction with Instagram; so you can still share your IGTV videos on Instagram Stories.

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  1. What to do before sharing an IGTV on your stories?
    1. Create a channel on IGTV
  2. What are the steps to share an IGTV on Instagram stories?
    1. Customize and send the IGTV to your Storie
  3. How does the IGTV video appear within your Instagram storie?

What to do before sharing an IGTV on your stories?

Since IGTV videos are about longer length multimedia , this means more work and preparation before doing it. Unlike the short videos that people usually upload, the reels and the videos of stories, which are made more sporadically and without taking too much into account the aesthetic aspect of it; the videos of IGTV, tend to have more editing work for all the aesthetic section is best.

One of the recommendations that we can give you and that is one of the things to do first is to do an editing job on our IGTV video , so that when it comes to publishing it, it is as presentable as possible.

Obviously, you must also have an account on Instagram, since it will be linked to IGTV. In addition to this, there is also another important point that we will develop below.

Create a channel on IGTV

First of all, it is important that you have an active channel on IGTV , which would be more or less like having a channel on the YouTube platform. In case you have it, Congratulations! Otherwise, you will have to create it, but it is not difficult to do so either.

In order to create your own IGTV channel and start uploading your videos , you can do it from the Instagram application, the IGTV application itself or even from the website. In any case, for all three options, the steps will be the same:

  1. Open the Instagram or IGTV application and then you go to the TV icon with an antenna. In case you want to do it from the PC, go to the official Instagram page , log in and go to your profile, then you also give the TV symbol.
  2. In mobile applications, then you will go to “Settings” marked with the gear symbol and then to “Create channel”. On PC, this step will not be necessary, since once you have done the previous step, you will see the option to create your channelon IGTV.
  3. Once you have done the above, regardless of whether you have done it from the apps or from your computer, you must follow the instructions that they indicate and that’s it, you will automatically have your channel created and the TV icon, it will now change to IGTV.

As we mentioned at the beginning, both platforms continue to be shared, so your same Instagram username will be the same as your IGTV channel.

What are the steps to share an IGTV on Instagram stories?

Once you have created your channel and your videos within IGTV, you may also want to share the videos on Instagram Stories , in order to reach more people. Now, the steps so that you can share the videos without any problem, this works as for your own videos, as well as for the videos of other users:

  1. You will go to the IGTV application or directly from the Instagram app, you go to the corresponding section.
  2. Touch the video you want to share, as you need to open it to do so, although you don’t have to see it.
  3. At the bottom, you will see three symbols (heart, comment bubble and an arrow), you will go to the last one, which is the one that helps you share the publications.
  4. A window will open with several options to share, if you want to share it with someone in particular; But the most important is the option to share on your own Instagram story.
  5. Select the video in question and then it will take you to the section to add stickers, lyrics, surveys and more.
  6. When you have finished doing the above, choose the option “Send to my story” and that’s it.

On the other hand, if you want, you can also download videos from IGTV and then share it within Instagram or on other social networks. You can do this from any Android or iPhone device.

Customize and send the IGTV to your Storie

In point 5, we mentioned that before sending an IGTV video to your storie , Instagram gave you the option to further customize it (not the video itself, but the story itself).

Just like when you make a story from a short video or photos, in which you can place stickers , take surveys, place filters, change the background color, place text and customize it; You can do this without problem when sharing an IGTV video, if you want to then make it personalize your story a bit to attract more attention.

How does the IGTV video appear within your Instagram storie?

It is important that you know that the stories of this social network only support videos of 15 seconds duration , but do not worry, because what the platform will do is that, instead of uploading the entire video, it will show a card that will allow the other people who touch it, redirect to the source profile of the video and thus see it in full.

When people see your story, they will only see the first 60 or 80 seconds of the IGTV and not in full screen, but in the form of a card. If a person wants to see it in full, then they will have to touch that card as we already mentioned in the previous paragraph.

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