How to share a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting on Skype?

Skype, one of the options we have to be able to hold meetings or videoconferences , allows us among many things to share a screen or a presentation that we have on our PC for all those who are connected with us, even facilitating full access to these, so We will briefly explain everything you need to know to be able to perform this function effectively and without any impediment.

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  1. What steps to follow to cast my screen on Skype?
    1. Windows Configuration
    2. From my Mac
    3. Android devices
    4. IOS devices
  2. Why does Skype block screen sharing from my mobile?
    1. Must have the new update
    2. Check if your Android or iPhone device is compatible
  3. How do I stream my audio when sharing my screen?

What steps to follow to cast my screen on Skype?

Depending on the computer you connect to, the way to share screen in Skype varies. Ideally, if you have a computer, download the application right there and do not use the web version of it , since the latter has some limitations that may be uncomfortable while using this tool. However, the procedure is very similar, so pay close attention to get it done correctly.

Windows Configuration

If you are going to use Skype from a computer with Windows system, you must first install the application there and then open your username, or failing that, create a new one to enjoy its service.

Once you have already opened your account on the PC, then it is required to start a call or meeting. For this, you just have to click on the icon of a camera that appears and you can add people to it. You can also search your contacts for the person you want to call and you do.

While on the call, it is a matter of pressing the button that indicates ‘screen sharing’,  it appears at the bottom on the right hand side, when you press it, then you look for the option to share screen and voila, the others will see what you are trying to display or present from your computer.

From my Mac

When it comes to a Mac, the process is very similar to the previous one. Although, it is necessary to know that you must grant a permission to Skype so that it can record and share screen at the same time, since in this system it works like this. Therefore, when you go to share the screen, you will receive a notification to approve said permission.

In this sense, you just have to go to the ‘Mac system preferences’ , there you will go to the security and privacy option, after that, click on record screen or ‘screenording’ to finally authorize the application to carry out said activity .

Android devices

For Android users, the app makes it much easier to activate this feature. You must be on the call so that you can locate the three ellipsis points (…) that appear at the bottom on the mobile. After pressing it, a drop-down menu will appear where you only have to click on ‘share screen’ and that’s it.

IOS devices

When you are on the call, you must press the same three points at the bottom of the iPhone or iPad , and then click on ‘screen share’. But, here you must confirm this function by clicking on the Skype logo and finally, where it says ‘start broadcasting’.

Why does Skype block screen sharing from my mobile?

Many Skype users have the problem that they were not allowed to use the screen sharing function from their mobiles. However, in most cases it is not a problem generated by the application , but is directly related to the device we are using for it.

Must have the new update

At first, one of the requirements that must always be taken into account is that the application must be updated, as this guarantees the use of the various options and new functions that are added to the platform. So, it is your duty to keep abreast of the news about Skype so that you know when the latest version came out and be able to install it on your mobile, although it is also easy if you keep notifications from the mobile app store (be it the App Store or Play Store).

Check if your Android or iPhone device is compatible

But, it is very likely that your mobile is not compatible with the Skype application. This generally happens, when we have a very old or obsolete device on the market, which will not only make it difficult for you to access this platform, but also with many others surely. Therefore, search the internet for the operating systems with which the application is no longer compatible and compare it with the one on your mobile.

How do I stream my audio when sharing my screen?

Finally, when you are showing a presentation through Skype, using its screen sharing function, you should know that the audio or sound can be activated very easily and quickly. When you finish the steps so that you can share your screen, a notification automatically appears at the bottom where  you must choose between activating the audio or not , it will depend on your decision. In case it does not come out there, then click on the three points or the more menu and look for this option.

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