How to share a Google Maps address in an email

Did you know that you can share a google maps address in an email ? If possible and very easy, as well as necessary. That is why we bring you a tutorial that will help you a lot when going to a place. You can send the address in a few steps by your trusted email, let’s see how.

How to share your Google Maps address to an email

Google Maps is a very useful reference for anyone who wants to share an address, and that is what we will do next to share the location of a place or yours in real time.

If you are going to share your location you must enter Google Maps  and click on find my location and then accept the box that will appear at the top that says allow. Your location will automatically appear, then you click on the menu icon and click on share or insert the map.

Now there will be a new window with the URL of it. Copy it, then you will have to enter in your email paste that link and send. Ready, you will have already sent your Google Maps location.

Share another address . You just have to enter Google Maps  from your browser, then enter the address you want to share. Access it with a double click and it allows you to see the view from the street. Proceed to click on that option. There are two ways to send this email address. The first is as we showed above, copying the URL from the link icon.

Or directly if you have email enabled, it will appear as an icon sharing the address. You just have to put the user you want to send this address. As you can see it is very easy, it is worth a try.

How to send a location from Google Maps by WhatsApp?

It is a very simple task but it is often unknown. What should you do? First select the WhatsApp from your mobile. And we go to the chat of the person we want to send the address. Next, you should go to the attachments icon.

Then select Google Maps with one click. To click on the location you can add your current location or just any address. You click send and your location or address will be sent in a message.

The other person only has to click on what you have sent and the location sent will automatically appear on their mobile. It really is very easy.

Do you want to add your business to Google Maps?

If you are just starting your business, you will surely want to be easily located. How can you add it to Google Maps? Well, as a first step, you must go to the Google Maps website . Then in the search engine enter the name of your business.

Since you are not registered, a link will appear at the bottom that says to add a business or landmark to Google Maps. Click there, a red icon will automatically appear and drag it to place it in the correct direction.

Now you will have to fill out the form that is on the left side. Where said name adds the name of your company or business. In the category select what your business does, you just need to add a contact phone number and email or website.

Go to your email and the confirmation from  Google Maps will appear. Allowing you to share it with your family and friends or clients. We really hope that the information provided in this post will be very useful to you, helping you to share an address or location from Google Maps to your email or WhatsApp. Don’t stop sharing this information with other people. Success in the experience.

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