How to share a CapCut video to Tik Tok

The CapCut platform has become a preferred tool for users of different social networks, who use this application to edit quality videos with the most spectacular effects and filters. By editing your video you can share it on your social networks including Tik Tok.

In this article we will talk about how and where to download the CapCut application, and how to use it from your mobile device, be it an Android or iPhone. So keep reading the article to the end and you will learn how you can take better advantage of the CapCut app to share your videos.

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  1. How and where to download the CapCut application for my cell phone?
    1. From the Play Store
    2. From the App Store
  2. From which devices can I share my CapCut videos?
    1. Android devices
    2. IOS devices
  3. What is the most recommended video quality to share on Tik Tok?
  4. How to remove the CapCut watermark from my videos?

How and where to download the CapCut application for my cell phone?

CapCut is a fairly complete application to easily edit your videos by adding the most varied and incredible effects, filters, transitions and music that the application includes. So you can upload the quality to a video with CapCut . This App is available for Android and iPhone devices, in the Google and Apple stores . If you don’t have it yet, we’ll show you how and where you can download the app.

From the Play Store

You enter the Play Store virtual store and in the search bar you type CapCut, click on the name of the application and click Download. Then, at the end of the download, you must accept the permissions and continue . That way you will have the CapCut application on your mobile device.

From the App Store

If you have an iPhone device, you will need to go to the App Store virtual store to download the CapCut application . Once you enter the store, you go to the application and click on Download and then on Install . When the download is finished, you must grant the required permissions and voila, you can enter the application and start editing the best videos.

From which devices can I share my CapCut videos?

The video editing process is very simple with the CapCut application. The videos you edit can be shared on your social networks, especially in the Tik Tok application. You can upload the videos you edit with CapCut from your mobile device. See how to do it.

Android devices

The first step is to install the CapCut application, you can download it from the Play Store. You enter the application and click on New project or use one that you have created previously. Click on the upward arrow icon to export the video, click on Export and the video will be stored in your mobile gallery .

After this step, you will see a bar that indicates that you can directly share the video on Tik Tok, but you can also click on the Others option and locate Tik Tok. If you want to share a video that you have in your mobile gallery, locate the video and click on the Share icon at the bottom and choose the Tik Tok application. But if you want to upload it to another platform, you can for example send CapCut videos to WhatsApp easily .

IOS devices

From your iOS device the steps are almost similar. Once you have edited your video, you tap on the arrow at the top to download the video and then click Export and choose the resolution in which it will be exported. Finally, you can see how the first option that appears to share is Tik Tok or you can also click on the Share to other platform option , choose the one you prefer and that’s it.

What is the most recommended video quality to share on Tik Tok?

A very important aspect that you must take into account before sharing your CapCut video on other social networks is its quality. The higher the quality, the more it will weigh and the more space it will take up . You can take as a reference save it with a resolution of 480p, 1080p in this resolution your video will not lose quality. Now, if you want to save it on your mobile you can choose a lower resolution than that. You can also choose the CapCut frames per second to modify its speed.

How to remove the CapCut watermark from my videos?

You open the application, create a new project or use one that you have created before. The CapCut application adds a click with the watermark by default. To remove this watermark, you must go to the video where the watermark appears, click there and then click on the trash can icon that corresponds to Delete . As you can see, it is very easy and fast to do.

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