How To Set Up Your First Camp In New World

Detailed instructions for building a camp in New World: minimum level and required resources for crafting

In New World you have to travel across the open world, fight against monsters and other players. To make long-distance excursions a little easier. you can camp. Such camps will help not only restore the health of your hero, but also revive him in case of death. Today, we’re going to show you how to set up your first camp in Amazon’s popular new MMO.

How to set up camp

As soon as you start passing the storyline tasks in the game, to open the possibility of setting up a camp, you need to get to level 5 and complete several quests. At some point, you will receive a task, during the passage of which you will have the opportunity to set up camps in any place convenient for you.

Until then, you will not be able to set up camps and join other players’ camps. When you try to join a camp or press the “Y” key, you will see the prompt “Camping not unlocked yet”.

To unlock the ability to set up a camp anywhere on the global map, you need to activate the “Baring Teeth” story mission . It will become available in your city, right after you craft your first iron sword.

From now on, you can build camps and join existing camps on the map. To set up a camp, leave the city, select a suitable place and press the “Y” key. Set up a blank for the camp in a place convenient for you and prepare the necessary resources.

To make a level 1 camp, you need to get 2 units of stone (Flint) and 5 units of wood (Green Wood). You can dismantle your camp or detach from someone else’s camp simply by holding down the “Y” key.

How to use the camp

After you set up your camp or join any existing camp, you can restore your hero’s health or craft various items.

To restore the character’s health, just go to the camp and press the “T” key. At this moment, the hero will sit down next to the fire, and his health will begin to recover.

In addition to free health regeneration, you can also craft simple tools and meat dishes in the camp. Also, in the camp crafting menu, you will have access to some potions and complex recipes for dishes.


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