How to set up Microsoft Excel backstage

Users can access various options of the application with the Backstage view. So, knowing how to set up Microsoft Excel Backstage and its basic features can be very useful for you. In this guide you will know all the steps to achieve this purpose.

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  1. How to enter Backstage view from Excel ‘File’?
  2. What recommended settings should be made in Backstage?
    1. Change the topic
    2. Decimal separator
  3. How are the panels of the Excel Backstage view composed?
    1. On the right functions menu
    2. The menu is displayed on the left
  4. What are the functions that will be found in the Backstage?

How to enter Backstage view from Excel ‘File’?

The design and interface of Microsoft Excel have changed over the years. However, users can enter Backstage view when starting Excel regardless of the version of Excel. Therefore, several options are displayed such as opening a document, saving, exporting, printing, configuration, among others.

Therefore, if you have the version of Microsoft Excel 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019, you can access the Backstage view from the Excel ‘File’ menu. However, in the version of Microsoft Excel 2007 you will have to click on the general button of Office to be able to access the options of the application.

What recommended settings should be made in Backstage?

It is possible to apply certain settings in the Backstage view of Microsoft Excel. Recommended settings include changing the theme, changing the decimal separator, as well as adapting different options according to personal needs and preferences.

There are advanced options that allow you to add or remove functionality from the toolbar. Also, it is possible to modify the autocorrect options, customize the way to save the files and manage Excel add-ins . You can also apply security and privacy settings .

Change the topic

Although there are several options that can be modified from the Excel Backstage view, it is recommended that you only apply certain settings. In this regard, you can change the theme as well as the color of the Microsoft Excel interface . To achieve this, click on ‘File’ and select ‘Options’.

Next, hit the ‘General’ section from the side panel on the left of the window. Then find ‘Customize your copy of Microsoft Office’ and click ‘Office Theme’ to choose ‘Black’, ‘Multicolor’, ‘Dark Grey’, ‘White’. Also, you can modify the background color of a cell from this same section of Excel .

Decimal separator

You have surely noticed that some spreadsheets have numerical values ​​with a comma as the decimal separator. Others present the values ​​with the point as decimal separator. The use of the comma and period will depend on the work environment and even the geographical location.

You can set a decimal separator in Microsoft Excel . To achieve this, click on ‘File’ and ‘Options’. Then, select ‘Advanced’ and uncheck the box that corresponds to the ‘Use system separators’ option. In this way, you will be able to define the thousands separator and the decimal separator, click ‘OK’.

How are the panels of the Excel Backstage view composed?

The Excel Backstage view is made up of two panes. A panel on the right contains a menu of functions,  while a panel on the left displays a menu with various options. In some versions of Excel, you’ll see the functions menu in the left pane, and the function you choose will be displayed in the right pane.

On the right functions menu

Backstage view contains a panel with a menu of functions . This menu may vary depending on the version of Microsoft Excel that you use on your computer. The view typically offers the option to open, close, save, share, export, open an account, and change options.

The menu is displayed on the left

The menu displayed in the left panel will depend on the function you have chosen. For example, if you choose the ‘Recent’ function, you will see the list of the last files you have handled in Excel . If you select ‘New’, you will be able to select a blank workbook or Office template.

If you prefer to select the ‘Print’ function you will be able to set the page configuration and print any spreadsheet . The ‘Save and send’ functions will allow you to see the ways to share a file on the web. Excel ‘Options’ will be used to define general elements, formula structures and other settings.

What are the functions that will be found in the Backstage?

The functions found in the Backstage are: Information, new, open, save, save as, print, share, export, publish, close, account, comments and options. Each of them contains a series of elements that can be modified in relation to your preferences and needs.

The ‘Info’ feature includes permissions, issue checking, and version management . The ‘New’ function is used to create a new book or use a pre-designed template. You can ‘Open’ Excel files from your hard drive or Google Drive.

Also, you can see the ‘Save’ function to store a book on your PC. With ‘Print’ you edit the print settings. In addition, you can share a file online , export or publish it and see ‘Options’ to modify them. Backstage allows you to access an account , view information about it, change the theme and/or log out.


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