How to set up Hotmail from my iPhone

Hotmail is a platform that has the quality of having a similarity to a traditional email , the difference is that this time you have to do it by entering a computer as long as you have internet, thanks to the advancement of technology.

Everything has improved for the better, since if you now want to access your email you can do it from your mobile phone , it should be noted that this program is always improving its version, therefore, if you want you can create and open an email account from Totally free Hotmail .

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  1. What is the way to download Hotmail on an iOS device?
    1. Download Live or MSN
  2. How to configure Hotmail on an iPhone?
  3. What to do if you forgot your Hotmail email password?

What is the way to download Hotmail on an iOS device?

There are several versions to download and add an email account to your mobile phone, both for Android and iOS devices . This means that you can download Hotmail for your iPhone or iPad without any problem and it will be easier to use, since This way you will be more aware of the emails that they send you and answer each one of them on time. To download this application follow these steps.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad you have to enter the Apple App Store
  2. Then in the search engine you will write Hotmail
  3. Then you proceed to Download the application, once the download is ready it will appear automatically on your device

It is important that your iPhone or iPad have an iOS version of 9.0 or higher so that the application can work correctly, even if you want you can have the classic version of Hotmail in Outlook.

Download Live or MSN

This is a type of messaging created by Microsoft for Live or MSN, designed to work on Windows PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices and thanks to its functions and features.

This service offers options such as: offline messages , games and applications, shared folders and stop files which means that you can set your own antivirus program to check all the files you receive through instant messaging.

How to configure Hotmail on an iPhone?

You should know that the procedure to set up Hotmail on your phone is similar on other mobile devices , so before doing the configuration you should have your email and password ready.

  1. In the configuration of your iPhone you are going to select in Adjustment
  2. In the menu that appears you will search among the last options Accounts and Passwords
  3. Now within this option you are going to select Add Account, select Hotmail or Outlook, since due to the updates you can find Hotmail with this name
  4. Once Hotmail is selected, now you are going to enter your email and click on Next, then you are going to enter the password and click on Start Session.
  5. Then Hotmail will ask you if you give it access to your information and you give Yes
  6. This way Hotmail will be ready

Also if you want from Hotmail you can send an email to WhatsApp , and it will be useful to do it from your Android phone, iOS or from the PC, as long as you have a good internet connection .

What to do if you forgot your Hotmail email password?

If for some reason you can’t access your email in Hotmail because you forgot your password and you want to recover some valuable information , don’t worry, it’s very easy to recover your password again, so that you can continue enjoying this service, follow these steps to that you know how to do it:

  1. Enter the Hotmail page and write your email as if you were going to enter and click Next
  2. When you have to enter the password, there is a box below that says I have forgotten my password, there you will start the process to recover the password.
  3. For security reasons, Hotmail will ask you a series of questionsto see if you are really the owner of the account, among them you will find that they ask you for the alternative email you entered and the phone number
  4. When you have verified that you are the owner of the account, they will send you a code to the second email account you entered.
  5. Later when you have verified everything in the second account, you will return to Hotmail and another series of questions and steps will begin so that you can enter the new password and thus you can enter your email again.


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