How to set up Google Home

Have you just bought your first google home device and come home you realize you don’t know where to start to set up Google Home ? Don’t panic, the good news is that the first google home configuration is a really trivial procedure and will take no more than 20 minutes; what you have to do is read this guide carefully and you will see that after you will be able to install google home by yourself at best.

To use google home you must necessarily already have a valid google account (you will be asked during installation), if you do not have it yet, it is a good time to create one and you will need to have a mobile phone (ios or Android) connected to the home wifi network on which you will need to install the google home app.

But just chat and let’s go immediately to see the steps to perform to install google home and use your google home device.

Set up Google Home

To configure Google Home and use it later it is necessary to have a google account; if you are not registered on google yet this is the good time to do it, read this guide to create a google account in a few steps. It will obviously be necessary to have a home wifi network (google home works only via wifi) and the entire procedure must be performed from a smartphone connected to the wifi network.

To install google home first, if you don’t have it yet, you need to download the Google home app (available for Android and iOS ); once downloaded, open the Google Home app and press the blue button that says Start .

On the next screen you will have to select your google account , if it is not in the list, press on the word Use another account and write the user-id and then the password of your google account that you want to use to configure Google Home.

On the next screen, the app warns you that it will need access to the location, press the Next button and then press Allow to authorize the app to access the location (the smartphone’s geolocation services must be enabled).

At this point the app will start searching for google home devices nearby, wait until the search is completed. When a google home device is detected, press the Yes key to install google home. A connection will be established and when the device is connected, a confirmation sound will be heard from the device.

Once the device has emitted the sound, press the YES key to continue configuring the Google Home found, otherwise press No to retry the connection with the device.

Press the Yes key if you want to automatically share reports on Google Home anomalies with Google, otherwise press the No key.

Select from the list the room where the google home device you are configuring is located and press the Next button ; if you want to add a new room scroll down the list and select the item “Add a custom room” and then write the name of the room.

The next step to configure Google Home is the configuration of the wifi network; from the list select the wifi network to use and press the Next button (if the network name is not present in the list, select the word Other wifi network to proceed with the manual network configuration).

In the last screen, press the Next button to use the network password in use on the smartphone on the google home device (if you want to use a different password, press Enter Manually). The google home connection with the wifi network will then be tested and if everything goes well you will see the word Connected . in the following screen click on the More button and then on the Next button .

The next step to install google home is to configure Voice Match , that is, you can decide whether to make the google home device learn to recognize your voice. If you want to configure Voice Match, press the Accept button, otherwise press the No, Thanks button . If you have accepted to use Voice Match, the app will ask you to repeat the phrase  Ok Google  twice and then the phrase Hey Google twice  ; once done, wait until the processing is completed and then press the Accept button .

Then you will have to enter your address to receive information related to the geographical position (for example traffic or weather) and once done press the Confirm Address button .

On the next screen you can choose whether to add music services to google home (for example Spotify ), once done, press the Next button .

In the following screen you can select the video streaming services to which you are registered (for example Netflix), once done, press the Next button .

Here we are, you are almost finished configuring Google Home, press the Continue button and then the Continue button again and finally Finish configuration .

The google home installation is completed, you can now use the device; to know the voice commands of google read this guide while to adjust the volume of google home read this guide.


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