How to set up and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc?

Calc today is one of the best programs that exist at this time. This is mainly due to being able to edit many things within it at will. And it is even possible to configure and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc , that is to say that even the printing can be edited to suit what you need.

And although this is not a novelty, since other spreadsheet programs also allow editing options for a sheet when printing, what stands out about calc is the ease with which it achieves it and the versatility it has to fit any format on most operating systems.

You should always prioritize solving the “error the printer is not activated” in Windows 10 because if not, nothing will be achieved. In the same way, remember to configure the printer in the WIFI network if this is the case.

What is Libre Office?

Before you can configure and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc , you have to talk a bit about what this program is in general, since most people don’t know it simply because it doesn’t have the word Microsoft behind it.

This is basically an office package, which was developed with free software and therefore is open source. The package contains not only the Calc spreadsheet editor, but also a text editor called Writer, a database editor that is Base, a mathematical formula editor called Math .

The one for presentations called Impress and finally Draw which edits vector graphics. This program stands out above all for its compatibility with Microsoft Office and because it can be used in different operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows and Linux.


Among its main features is also the fact that you can export documents in a large number of formats, such as PDF and SWF . And it also has a web version called Libre Office online, in which cooperative work can be done.

Set up and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc

Just as it’s so easy to create and configure a custom printer paper size , you can accomplish the task of this tutorial in a matter of a few minutes.

This program, as you have already read, offers many options when it comes to printing. That is why you will not only learn to configure and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc, but also to make other types of impressions, such as the fast one:

To print quickly you just have to give it the icon of the printer that is at the top whose name is “Print file directly” , this will send the document directly to the printer that is predetermined on your PC.

Although you can also change the printer if you have several, go to the option of ” Tools “, then to ” Options ” and when exiting the drop-down click “Load and Save”, then to the option called ” General ” and there finally select “Load printer settings with document” and that’s it.

Set up two-page printing

Now yes, how can you configure and print two pages per sheet in LibreOffice Calc? First choose the ” File ” option found at the top of the bar, then a section called ” Print ” will appear, select it and it will immediately take you to a box with several tabs.


Here select “Page layout” , once there to print two pages per sheet select number two in the box called ” Pages per sheet “, then press ” Print ” to finish the process.

With this you can print two pages for a single sheet, but if you want to vary the process you can also place other numbers (how they will look once printed, is shown on the side represented in a thumbnail).

Finally you can also specify the intervals of a print, with hyphens to specify each interval and a semicolon or semicolon, to separate said intervals from each other.


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