How to set the vibration of the controller when I play Fortnite

Fortnite has been the choice of many when looking for a stimulating video game in which to be distracted for hours. Knowing each option or setting in this should be something practical for those users who want to modify everything to their liking.

Improve the experience you have while you are playing Fortnite Battle Royale by learning how to improve in Fortnite with a controller or keyboard and mouse and how to remove or put the vibration of the controller.

How to Remove or Set Controller Vibration When I Play Fortnite

Why is vibration in Fortnite a problem?

If you are a loyal Fortnite user you will know that one of the latest updates is 3.4, it is in addition to bringing excellent things, it presented a change in relation to the command. However you can update Fortnite on PC, PS4, Switch, Android, iOS and Xbox easily

Yes, those vibrations that previously brought emotion and a feeling of realism have increased compared to the version and apparently has exceeded the sensitivity of many.

And it is that on more than one occasion some users have shown their dislike for this, since the vibrations are not shown in a normal pattern but randomly. And if you play on PC you can add and play Fortnite with a generic controller on PC

The vibrations usually appear without prior notice or reason, this despite the fact that you are simply walking naturally or remaining without making any movement.

While it is true that this irregularity is annoying, the truth is that the solutions present for now are not the most ideal for everyone.

The first is to simply wait, yes, just that, and that is probably a problem that the developers fix in some patch. The second solution will be to completely deactivate the vibrations of the mantle which will solve the problem, but you will be left without them.

Why does this happen?

There are many theories that have been raised in search of answers about the origin of this problem of the control and its vibrations. And so far the most prominent theory has been that what we see as a problem is just a message in Morse code.

Why does this say? As previously said, the vibrations tend to be random, some longer and others not so long, so see that the message that is supposedly given is the following: “SOS D5 418”.

SOS being the acronym for a call for help, D5 shows the location coordinates of Tilted Towers and 418 can mean a date: April 2018.

How to remove or put the vibration of the controller when I play Fortnite?

So if you have chosen to completely remove the vibrations from your controller, this article will help you a lot, we will teach you how to remove them both on your Xbox One or on your PS4. 

How to remove or set the vibration of the controller when I play Fortnite on Xbox One?

If what you want is to remove or otherwise put the vibrations of the controller on your Xbox One, you must follow a few simple steps.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the “System Settings” section in the menu of your Xbox One. Since you managed to enter the system settings you must locate the section that is intended for “Command options”.

Step 2

So, what remains to be done in this simple procedure is to find your remote on the screen and select it to be able to modify its parameters.

Step 3

Now you just have to click on the “Configuration” option, proceed to edit and delete the parameter you are looking for, that is, the vibration of the remote.

How to remove or set the vibration of the controller when I play Fortnite on PS4?

If in your case you have a PS4 we will teach you how to remove or put the vibrations of the controller in an equally simple way.

Step 1

In this case, the first thing to do will be to go to the internal “Settings” of your PS4 as you would in any setting on your computer. Since you have accessed the settings, the next thing you should do is click on the option that corresponds to “Devices”.

Step 2

Being in this last option, several available options will appear within which you can locate the one that is specifically for the modifications of the “Controls”.

Step 3

Since you get the option “Remote” you can proceed to make the settings to wait, so click on disable vibration of the remote and voila, that’s all.

Once you can play quietly, you will surely be interested in having all the skins in Fortnite


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