How to set Google as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

To understand a little better, Microsoft Edge is the new browser that brings the Windows 10 operating system. That is why, on this occasion, we will show how to set Google as the default search engine in our Microsoft Edge browser, as well as some tips that you cannot to lose.

How to Set Google as the Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge

For many of us it is usually a bit complicated that Microsoft Edge comes with a different search engine than we are used to. Google has become the number one search engine for any internet browser, with Microsoft being its own competition.

What is default search engine?

Search engines are known as the search engine of our internet browser . It is responsible for collecting all the information available from the millions of pages that exist on the internet and distributing it to the user through processes called  crawlers  . In which it provides us with the most relevant information according to what the user is looking for. Taking into account that we can also change the search engine on Android .

The way it works to find specific data, the engine uses a word-by-word analysis that the user provides, this is known as keywords . As a final result, it shows us a list of the websites in which these keywords are mentioned the most and the pages most recognized by said search engine.

The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Ask, among others.

How does the Google search engine work?

In addition to Google, other search engines also have a similar operation. As we have mentioned previously, Google works with crawlers or “crawlers”. To understand a little better, these crawlers are like spiders that move around the web in order to find documents through links .

After the crawler, the search engine, which in this case is Google, creates its own index with the collected data. We can also do this process from the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Then the user places the keywords in Google to search for what they want and thus the search engine makes an analysis of all the data stored in its index and tries to decipher with great precision all the information that matches the most. Finally, it is delivered to the user, organizing it from the most relevant to the least relevant.

Advantages of having Google as the default search engine

It is true that Google is one of the best search engines currently, which we can put Google as the default search engine in Microsoft Edge Android . That is why we have to emphasize some of its advantages by having it as the default search engine of our browser.

  • Mainly having Google, it is usually a little easier to understand how it works and how to handle this search engine.
  • Other search engines like Bing prioritize web pages depending on the weather and their good reputation, whereas Google prefers up-to-date and recent data .
  • Google knows how to differentiate between hidden and non-hidden content, since hidden content can be harmful to the positioning of the pages.

How to set Google as the default search engine Microsoft Edge

To change the default search engine of a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox , Microsoft Edge, among others, it is usually easy and with few steps.

To begin we are going to open our Microsoft Edge , then we go to the three points that are in the upper right part of our screen.

We will get a panel with different options. We are going to go to the end of the panel and select where it says “configuration” , a configuration column will open and we click where it says “Advanced options” , so we will enter a section where there is a more advanced configuration of our Microsoft Edge.

Within the advanced settings, we have to click on an option called, “change search provider . ” Where we will get the browsers that we have used previously, that is, if in a moment we enter Yahoo, it will show us the Yahoo search engine.

In this list we will get Google, what we will do is select this option and then click where it shows us, “Set as default” . In this easy and simple way we will already have Google as our default search engine, you can also do this step for the Google Chrome home page.

In addition, as an interesting fact, we can also remove some search engine options that we are not interested in having saved.

Finally, we hope this tutorial has helped you; however, we would like to hear from you. Do you think Google is a good search engine? Do you think there are better alternatives to Google to search the Internet ? Leave your opinion in the comments


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