How To Set A Password To WhatsApp

The human being, by nature is a social creature, which means that he needs to live communicating. Over time, the field of communication has improved even more. Now with WhatsApp you can not only send messages, but also photos, emoticons, videos, audios and even personal documents. This time we are going to explain how to put a password to WhatsApp and protect your conversations.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service that has revolutionized the way the world communicates. Every WhatsApp update you make it more interesting. One of the last are the voice notes, which you can already listen to outside the app or with the screen off, and more. Like any application, it has many pros and cons. In this case, this network does not offer a secure method to keep conversations private.

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How to put a password to WhatsApp and hide the chat?

Put a Key to WhatsApp

If you are one of those people who have information that you do not want anyone else to know, or you simply want to protect and keep your conversations private from those friends or family who meddle in everything. And that is why you want to put a password to WhatsApp, you should know that there is a way to hide them, or failing that, to block the app.

That is why we present this guide to you, in which you will find several apps that will help you so that no one can spy on your WhatsApp. We will even tell you what to do in the application itself to hide your messages. You may have multiple WhatsApp chats open that you don’t want to delete, but you don’t want anyone to see them either.

So if you want to hide or keep certain chats in the background so that they do not appear on your home screen, in this post we will tell you how to do it from the application or through other tools. Either for your Android or iOS device.

1- On Android

In this section we show you how you can save conversations that you don’t want your friends or family to see when you leave the phone alone. Although not as secure as other mechanisms, it is a distracting process to hide messages from view without having to delete them. To do this, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. First of all, you have to enter the WhatsApp app.
  2. Then choose the conversation you want to hide, you can apply this with one or more chats you want to hide. In this case, you just go to the ” File ” section.

Enter the “File” section

  1. Locate the chat or chats you want to hide while maintaining the conversation.
  2. After you have marked it, you must select the top icon that is shaped like a folder.
  3. The conversation will then be saved for viewing. To do this, you only have to go to the normal conversations, and in the last part you will see that it says ” Archived Chats“.

Archived chats

  1. If you want to go back to the other conversations, you have to repeat the first point. Leave the chat selected and click on the folder icon.

Click on the folder icon

2- On iOS / iPhone

If you want to hide a chat on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, the steps are different than the ones you just read for Android. But they are also very easy to follow.

  1. Go to the WhatsAppapplication .
  2. Find the conversation you want to hide.
  3. Next you are going to move the conversation to the left. Where you can see and choose the ” Archive” option .

Choose the “Archive” option

  1. Thus, the conversation has already been archived. At the top of the application you will see that it says ” Archived Chats“, in this case they are your conversations.
  2. If you want to return them to the other conversations, then you must follow the same process, but this time from ” Archived chats“.
  3. You must choose a conversation and slide your finger to the left. Now you will see ” Unarchive“, you must click and your conversation will return to the front along with the other chats.

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What to use on my mobile phone to avoid being spied on?

Although setting a password to WhatsApp at this time is not possible, in this guide we will show you some applications that will help you keep your messages and personal information safe. So you don’t have to worry about your phone being picked up and your conversations being monitored in the Chats apps.

If you want to go beyond the methods described above and want to be even more secure, the following tools will help you protect your device from intruders, not only from WhatsApp, but from any other that you want to protect.

1- WhatsLock


It is a tool that allows you to protect and block WhatsApp . But not only does it give you this functionality, it also plays with that attacker who wants to take over your phone by creating a fake screen for anyone who, without knowing your pattern or PIN, wants to open the messaging app.

Such a screen is capable of hiding all the information you have. Well you can customize it to your liking by adding conversations and also fictitious names that you want the only person who wants to observe your conversations or contacts to see.

In the same way, you could block the gallery of photos published on WhatsApp. To do this, you only have to give authorization through this option in the configuration of your phone so that in this way you can access all the history of your terminal.

2- ChatLock


It is practically a very useful platform that will help you protect not only your WhatsApp account, but also other apps installed on your smart device. The advantage of this platform is that the automatic lock time can be set and adjusted . Therefore, if you don’t use them, ask for a password when you try to access them again.

It also has an intruder log , every time someone wants to enter the wrong PIN, the app takes a selfie so you can see who wants to enter your messages. You can also make other adjustments, such as hiding notifications so that they do not appear in the information menu.

3- CM Security AppLock

CM Security AppLock

It is in an application approved by AV-Test as one of the most optimal applications in this niche. It serves to secure your device and at the same time to protect you from malicious software, since it includes an antivirus.

This interface is responsible for protecting your computer and your privacy, and with it you can save your messages, notifications, browsing, downloads and everything you do with your mobile phone. After installing the app, you can set all the protection settings that you want to activate.

4- AppLock


This application can help you with WhatsApp and other social networks only with a security PIN . What makes it different is that it has a section called ” MAGIC “, where you have the option of hiding the app icon and activating a random keyboard.

Thus, when you want to add your password, the numbers will change as you enter it. It gets complicated the moment someone tries to discover you. On the other hand, it can help you protect the applications or games that you intend to install or delete on your device. After you have downloaded it, you have to go to the ” Protection ” section and choose how to improve your security.

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