How to set a partition as active in AOMEI Partition

AOMEI Partition Assistant software has efficient tools to manipulate hard drives and the respective hard drive partitions . One of them is to establish a partition as active, which gives the user more control over the storage disk.

This option is very useful for those who work with more than one operating system on the computer, since it allows them to set one as the default or use a selection menu when starting the computer.

The utilities of AOMEI Partition Assistant have been improving with the passage of time, because the company has the sole purpose of providing the best service to its community.

That is why if you have purchased the software and want to use one of the most useful tools within your system, read on to start putting it into practice.

How do I set a partition as active using AOMEI Partition Assistant?

As you create partitions with the main Partition Assistant options, you will discover that each can play a useful role within the same computer.

In the event that each of the fractions made to the hard disk have the purpose of hosting an operating system, establishing a partition as active will help you define which partition will be the one that will start the computer , and with which the main activities will be carried out. of the same.

Such configuration can be done from the Windows “Disk Administrator”, as it can also be completed through the program we are talking about today.

The option is available in the “Utilities” section . Specifically in the “Other useful” box, and it is called “Make as active partition”.

To complete it, select one of the disk partitions found in the right column of the screen. Then click on the above option.

After confirming the procedure, you will need to click on the “Apply” button for the changes to be established. The computer will automatically restart, starting with the disk you have indicated .

Aspects to consider before establishing a partition as active

Since the possibility of working through different operating systems has been considered, it is necessary to emphasize that despite the fact that this procedure can be completed successfully through AOMEI, there are certain aspects to take into account:

  • Mainly, you must ensure that the disk that you are going to select as active contains an operating system installed inside it.
  • Only in this way, the necessary boot adjustments can be made so that the computer starts properly each time it is turned on.
  • On the other hand, it is necessary to emphasize that the disks you select as active can only be those that function as computer OS storage . That is, a hard drive.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a program capable of reading all types of disks. Starting with those that are part of the computer, and those of storage that can be extracted from it.

How does the computer boot system work?

The moment in which it is decided to establish a partition as active within a computer, it is because it has more than one operating system working within it.

Since this is a program compatible with Windows , it should be known that depending on the version installed, the PC boot is different.

In those that work with a system prior to Windows 7, the active disk partition is the one indicated by the letter “C”. Designated to main storage.

In the case of later versions, the OS are stored in a separate partition from the computer’s storage memory. This bears the name “Reserved”.

When you start the computer, the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System) evaluates all aspects in search of any error that prevents it from starting. In case of not finding it, it locates the active partition so that it is in charge of operating the equipment once it is turned on .

Therefore, setting the partition you want your computer to work on helps you gain more control over it and the system you use.


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