How to Separate Sheets in a Google Docs Document

Initially it should be noted that Google drive entered the cloud operations as a hard drive in 2002. But it has gradually positioned itself until today it has become one of the most used applications when sharing files between groups. .

Together through Google Docs you can upload documents to access them from anywhere or you can create your own documents or spreadsheets. Also this document brings an endless number of smart tools which you can use for editing and styles .

You can also format texts and paragraphs , you can select from the diversity of sources available and it is possible to add links. At the same time, you can add images and drawings and the best of all is that you can enjoy this tool for free.

In Google Docs you can easily separate the sheets in a document

The first place to have this tool is by creating a Google account . This registration also allows you access to Gmail, the entire Drive package and other functions.

So you must go to the registration page to create your account where you must enter a series of personal data and accept the terms of the privacy policy.

You can download the application on your device or you can enter from your computer. Similarly, you can enter the main drive page to access the document.

Together, in order to create the document, you must enter the option “file” and then “new” , bearing in mind that in Docs you can start working from a template. Or you can create an existing file on your drive by selecting the option again and then uploading files.

Then you can start working and create your documents or edit them, but you may notice on some occasions that you do not see the separation of the sheets within the document. If that’s the case for you, don’t worry, as this problem can be solved very easily.

There are two methods to be able to separate the sheets in the documents, the first option is to go to the upper panel of the document and select the option to “view” it will display a menu with several options where you must choose the first one.

Which is “print design” and that’s it. You will automatically be able to notice the division of the pages within your document. This is because you did not have the option enabled.

Another method which you can perform to solve this small inconvenience is to place yourself right on the dividing line of the pages , stand on the right side of the page and place the cursor right at the tip of the line that divides the sheets and double-click, automatically the pages will be divided.

Google Docs Features

In general, Google Docs has new options and functions that are very useful for its consumers. Due to this it has become a powerful word processor. Being a fundamental pillar in different areas, both personal and new business.

Based on this, it is important to know in depth what each of these tools is about and thus be able to enjoy each of its alternatives. In the same way and due to the importance that this represents, here we explain how to separate the pages in a Google Docs document.

Although doing it consists of a few simple steps and is extremely simple, many users are paralyzed in the creation of their documents because they do not have the idea of ​​how to activate the separation .

In this way you can understand that Google Docs is a simple and powerful word processor . In addition to the functionalities of presentations and the creation of spreadsheets.

In turn, the documents you create are automatically saved online so you can access them from any computer and whenever you want if you have an internet connection. You can also share them with your friends.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to separate the sheets in a Google Docs document by following these steps? Leave us your answer and the comments.


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