How to send your WhatsApp URL by email

The procedure to share photos from Google Drive on WhatsApp is simple, but what if you want to send a WhatsApp link by email ? Next, we have the answer, plus we’ll talk about how to share files from the app directly to your email.

How to Send URL of your WhatsApp by Email with your Mobile? – Do it like this

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  1. What download path do the files and links sent by WhatsApp follow?
  2. How can you share a WhatsApp media file via email?
    1. Images, videos and documents
    2. Phone numbers or profiles
    3. Audios and complete conversations
  3. What should you do to copy and paste the WhatsApp link in an email?
    1. From the App
    2. With the web browser

What download path do the files and links sent by WhatsApp follow?

All the files that we download and send through WhatsApp are stored in a specific folder. The folders related to the WhatsApp application are located in the internal memory of our device, more specifically in the ‘WhatsApp’ folder.

The WhatsApp folder is located in different places depending on the version of Android you have. In any case, it can be found in the root of the internal memory or inside the Android folder. In that case, the WhatsApp folder path is as follows:  Android/media/com.whatsapp/WhatsApp/Media . Within WhatsApp’s ‘media’, there are several folders, then we will show you what each one is for.

  • WhatsApp Audio:as you can imagine, the sent and received audios are organized within this folder.
  • WhatsApp Images:perhaps the most relevant folder, inside it you will see the images that you have sent and received on WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Video:how it happens with the images folder, in WhatsApp Video you will find all the videos that you have sent and received through WhatsApp.

Surely you have noticed that there are other folders inside the root folder of WhatsApp. In any case, the rest of the folders are not useful in most cases. In any case, if you want to search for other files that you have shared through WhatsApp, it is worth trying them.

How can you share a WhatsApp media file via email?

WhatsApp makes it easy to share multimedia files through email. In fact, you will be able to do it natively without major complications if you carefully read our guide on the matter. On the other hand, if some things are still not clear to you, you can go to the WhatsApp help center . Without further ado, read on to send files of all kinds from WhatsApp to email.

Images, videos and documents

The easiest way to share images, videos and other WhatsApp documents is directly from the chat. To do this, simply press for a few seconds on the image/video or/document you want to send and then click on the share icon located above and to the right.

After the above steps, the different options to share files from WhatsApp should be displayed. Just look for the icon of your email app and tap on it. Next, the app will redirect you to the mail application, fill in the mail data and send the file.

Phone numbers or profiles

Directly you will not be able to share a phone number or profile of a user from WhatsApp to your email. In any case, it does not mean that there is no way, because in fact you can easily send a contact from your mobile via email .

To do this, simply go to the chat/profile of the user you want to send, after doing so, click on their name located above and to the left. Click on the three dots at the top and to the right and then on the ‘View in contact book’ option .

From the contact book, the ‘Share’ option should be displayed , which will allow you to share said contact via email. Normally there are two options to share, as text or as a file, we recommend that you pass it as text for compatibility reasons.

Audios and complete conversations

You can share WhatsApp audios via email. To do this, simply select the audio you want to share and click on the share button above and to the right. After the above, select the email application and fill in the data to send the audio file.

On the other hand, you won’t be able to share an entire conversation, so you ‘ll have to select the files you want to share via email one by one. Given this, perhaps the best alternative is to take screenshots and send them via email.

What should you do to copy and paste the WhatsApp link in an email?

Before starting, it is important that you do not confuse creating a shortcut for WhatsApp chats on your mobile with the following tutorial. Next, we will show you how to create a WhatsApp link for a specific number and how to send it to your email.

From the App

Unfortunately from the application it is not possible to pass the link of your WhatsApp directly through email. In any case, you can create a link that leads to your WhatsApp , we teach you this process in our tutorial for the web browser, but it is also functional if you use the mobile.

With the web browser

The process through the browser is very simple, simply modify the following web link by adding your phone number. The format of the link is as follows: . It is very important that you enter the code of your location followed by the telephone number. After the above, simply send this link through your email.


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