How to send Word documents, PDF and other files by WhatsApp

If you are new to using personal or business WhatsApp, you will surely want to learn how to send documents  and other files through WhatsApp , whether they are Word, PDF and other files, which are files of the utmost importance to you. But don’t you know how? Well, you are in the right place and today we will teach you through a small tutorial how to do it fast and easy.

How to send documents by WhatsApp in a short time

It is really very easy to send documents by WhatsApp to other people; but how will you achieve it? Follow the step by step that we provide below, you will know how to do it in no time. Let’s see:

  1. You must first select the contact or group to which you want to send the relevant file.
  2.  Next, go to the attach menu and there you will see the options of what you can send: audios, documents, photos, etc. You must choose documents, it will send you to the documents on your phone, choose the one you want to send and that’s it, in this way you will have sent your document by WhatsApp in a short time.

But suppose you look for the file in documents and you can’t find it there. What should you do? It is also very simple, when entering documents you must go to options and access to  Google drive, image gallery, audio and download will appear. If your document appears in these options, you will not have problems either, you just have to select it and that’s it.

Another way to send documents by WhatsApp

Another way to send documents by WhatsApp is by entering your documents. Click to share , then press WhatsApp and finally choose the contact you want to send the relevant document to; in this very easy way you have managed to send your document.

Can you sign your documents and then send them by WhatsApp?

Surely, as you are a business person, you may have had more than one occasion to fill out a form; However, it is very tedious to do it on the PC, and then transfer it to your phone and finally have to send it by WhatsApp.

That is why we will teach you to sign and fill in your PDF documents from your cell phone in a short time. What should you do? It is very simple, you only have to download an application called Adobe fill & sing , having it you will be able to fill in and sign your PDF documents.

Steps to attach signed documents from your mobile

First you will have to create your signature, in order to place it in all your documents and convert them to PDF when required. To do this, from the app on its home page, enter the icon that is shaped like a pen and click to create the signature. The screen will rotate and you will be able to place the signature , according to your taste or preference, then you will have to click on done, in the upper right corner.

Next you have to choose the document you want to fill in. How? Accessing said form that you need to fill out from your documents, you will find it in the center of your screen. The most recent ones will appear: select yours and start filling in your data.

If you want to position your signature, click on the bottom icon of the screen and place the signature already established. Once this is done, click on done in the upper right. Now, if you need to forward it to WhatsApp, you must click the share icon at the bottom of the screen; the WhatsApp option will appear Choose your contact and you can send the filled PDF document with your signature.

As you could see, it is very easy to send documents by WhatsApp whether they are Word , PDF or other files from your mobile device, you only have to have few tools to achieve it.

We hope that all the information we provide you today will help you in the business world you are starting, do not stop telling us about your experience and remember to share, to reach more people.


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