How to send videos on WhatsApp by removing the audio

Would you like to send a video on WhatsApp but the audio of the same is annoying or violates the privacy of people? Find out how to remove it.

On WhatsApp is coming a new function related to video audio : soon you will be able to send video clips by removing the audio track . The feature will be released in upcoming app updates for both iOS and Android.

Did you open a video received in a chat and the audio immediately went off at an inopportune moment? Or did you want to send a video, but compromising things were being said in the audio or were there noises that had nothing to do with the footage? WhatsApp allows you to mute the clip and send it mute.

WhatsApp: how to send videos without audio

To send a video on WhastApp without audio just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Select the contact or group you want to send the video to;
  3. Press the button to send videos and photos;
  4. Select the video from the gallery;
  5. Tap on the speaker icon;
  6. Turn off the sound.

In this way the contact or group will receive ONLY the video clip without audio (in this case the audio track is just deactivated – ie removed from the video. Even if the volume is turned up, nothing will be heard).

Of course, this feature will only be available when it is added in future app updates.

Removing audio from videos on WhatsApp: advantages

The main advantages of this feature are the ability to send videos to people who may be in a situation where they cannot make noise – eg. at a meeting – or censor the audio for reasons of privacy and of little relevance – eg. you made a video of a sunset and next to you there is a child crying in despai


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