How to Send Soundmojis to Facebook Messenger

Emoji are an integral part of conversations these days. They set the mood, tone, and in some cases even influence the direction of the conversation. However, Facebook is taking it a step further by offering a cool new feature called Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger.

But what are Soundmojis and how to send them to Facebook Messenger. Read on to learn more about the new sound emoticons.

What are audio emoticons or audio emoticons?

Source: Messenger News.

By creating Memoji, Apple tried to reinvent emoji by making it more personal. However, Memoji was not well received. Facebook wants to tackle the challenge of making emoji great again by adding sound.

Soundmoji are emoticons with sound or music. You don’t send your own recorded emoji sound (cool though, Facebook), but choose the emoji with sound associated with it from the deck. For example, ❌ Soundmoji contains the famous music “Oh no, oh no, oh no, no, no.”

The music that Facebook has chosen for their sound emoji is great – with famous tracks like Congratulations from Post Malone and WAP from Cardi B making this feature fun and cool.

How to use sound emoji on Facebook Messenger

  1. Download (or update) Facebook Messenger .
  2. Open Messenger and select the chat you want to send Soundmoji to.
  3. Tap the emoticon icon next to the Like button.
  4. Then select the audio icon and select Soundmoji.
  5. To preview the sound, just tap the emoji.
  6. Click “Send” to send the Soundmoji.

Soundmoji won’t be heard until the recipient touches the purple curved lines around the emoji. This is appreciated as it will prevent too “noisy” conversation.

Hope you can use Soundmojis on Facebook Messenger. If you have any problems using Soundmojis, please let us know in the comments section.

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