How to send mass emails from Excel with attachments

Mass mails are a direct and effective means of communication to transmit a message to a group of contacts. If you want to send a mass email to a group of people using Excel, we recommend you read this article because with it you will learn how to send mass emails from Excel with attachments

What is a bulk email?

A mass email is a marketing strategy that is characterized by being a means of communication between a sender and two or more receivers. Mass mailing can contain promotional messages, as well as relevant information or information regarding the sale of a specific product.

Generally, it is valid to send a mass mail from an email service, although it is also possible to do it from the Excel tool.

What is a mass email for?

A mass email serves to send a message to a large group of people of our interest. This tool can be customized for each recipient and facilitates subscriber training and development.

However, sometimes it is advisable to block all spam that reaches email when a mass email is considered detrimental to the security of your computer.

How to send mass emails from Excel with attachments

We can often send attachments from our mail . However, we can send mass emails from Excel with attached files using an address list, a message of interest to the recipients and a macro . Next, we explain the steps you must follow to comply with this procedure.

Create the email window

Enter Excel and in a new spreadsheet write in cell A2 “To:”, in cell A3 “CC:”, in cell A4 “CCOO:”, in cell A5 “Subject:”, in cell A6: “Message:” and in cell A7 “Attachment:” (all without the quotes)

In cell B2 you will enter the recipient’s email, in cell B3 the desired email with a copy, in cell B4 you will write the desired email with blind copy, in cell B5 you will write the title or subject of the message, cell B6 will be available for write the mass mail and in cell B7 you can attach a file.

Compose your message

Write a message that grabs the attention of your recipients. To do this, place the cursor in cell B6 and if you need to make line breaks you must press the “Alt + Enter” keys.

Add the attachment

To add the attachment, place your cursor in cell B7. Make sure to type the exact location of the file as well as its extension.

Create the macro from Excel

To create the macro you must press the “Alt + F11” keys. Then the Visual Basic Application editor will open. Go to the “Menu”, click “Insert” and “Module”. Then select “Module1”. You will immediately see a window where you must add the following code (The points are only indicative of each line, they should not be included in the code):

  • Sub mail_adjoint ()
  • Dim mail As Object
  • Dim app As Object
  • Set app = CreateObject (“Outlook.Application”)
  • app.Session.logon
  • Set mail = my_App.CreateItem (0)
  • ActiveWorkbook.Save
  • On Error Resume Next
  • With mail
  • .To = Range (“B2”). Value
  • .CC = Range (“B3”). Value
  • .BCC = Range (“B4”). Value
  • .Subject = Range (“B5”). Value
  • .Body = Range (“B6”). Value
  • .Attachments.Add Range (“B7”). Value
  • .DeleteAfterSubmit = False
  • .Send
  • End With
  • MsgBox “The message has been sent”
  • On Error GoTo 0
  • Set app = Nothing
  • Set mail = Nothing
  • End Sub

Save the file

Click the start button and select “Save As”, type a name that identifies the file and assign the extension .xlsm to enable macros .

Insert a button to the spreadsheet

You should go to the “Developer” tab, click on “Controls” and “Insert”. Select “Form Controls” and press “Button.”

Use the mouse to draw a rectangle, click on the element and change its name to “Send”. In the window for assigning a macro, click on “email_adjoint” under “Macro name” and press the “OK” button.

Add the reference

Enter “VisualBasic” again from Excel by pressing the “Alt + F11” keys. Go to “Tools” and “References”. There, check the box “Microsoft Outlook XX Object Library”, where “XX” is the version of the Excel application. Then press the “OK” button.

Run the macro

Write all the values ​​of the mass mail and execute the macro by clicking the button . Finally, you will see a confirmation message after the shipment has been made.


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