How to send hidden emails with Mozilla Thunderbird

The communication process has experienced enormous positive effects thanks to the design, development and implementation of an extensive number of technological tools that help to shorten the times of sending and receiving messages through the different channels or means that make available the companies specialized in the subject.

In a society where these channels and technological tools abound and acquire more and more importance, it is essential to be aware of the latest developments in terms of functions. So that you can manipulate it in the best possible way and it becomes much easier for you to issue communications or send information .

Multiple recipients

One of the best features of different email services has been the ability to send the same information to different recipients.

However, this was not always the case … sometimes, beyond the immediacy of receiving the mail, the procedure to fulfill the task of sending the same information to different contacts was quite a tedious journey.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Companies that have put great effort and dedication into the development of programs dedicated to the electronic correspondence service took advantage of this type of situation . One of the interesting tools you will find on the web will be Mozilla Thunderbird .

An unnecessary problem

One of the functions that will be reviewed this time has to do, precisely, with the way you send the same email to several contacts. This topic, although it may seem inconsequential, can cause you some problems, since, in countries like Spain, to mention one, email is considered personal information .

After the above, it is important to note that if you send an email to a large number of recipients without using the relevant tools to hide the email addresses. You could receive complaints for violating data protection laws .

These types of uncomfortable situations have been experienced, mostly, by companies. The most outstanding is related to a congratulatory statement for the Christmas holidays to all contacts. The number was close to four thousand contacts and all addresses were visible. The fine was outrageous.

Hidden emails with Mozilla Thunderbird

Fortunately, Mozilla, through its Thunderbird email service, offers the necessary tools to hide the addresses of the users to whom you will send the email, protecting their information.

The procedure to follow is quite simple and will be explained throughout the following paragraphs. So that you can master this tool perfectly.

  • Use Mozilla Thunderbird to shape the body of the email you want to send.
  • Insert the email addresses of the recipients of the message to be sent.
  • Every time you insert an email address and want to insert a different one, separate them by a comma (,).
  • Each address will be enclosed in a kind of box, on which you must press the right button of your mouse.
  • Select the option “Add to BCC field” .

Hide emails in other email services

Is this feature available for other email services? Yes. But as in Mozilla Thunderbird, these types of tools are very hidden and are unknown by most users.

However, it is important to note that in services such as Gmail, and even Outlook , the hidden emails function appears as BCC instead of BCC, a detail to take into account.

The procedure, as you may have appreciated, is a bit tedious, there is not a much more direct way to access these functions. However, everything that is aimed at avoiding problems that may arise from the disclosure of this type of information.

Send your mail without problems!

In this way, each of the contacts that you have indicated in the recipient field will receive the email and no one will be able to see the rest of the recipient list. Avoiding uncomfortable and totally unnecessary problems due to the disclosure of personal information such as the email address.


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