How To Send Files Online Without Having To Register.

We have many options for storing files and being able to create backups, free up space or simply save information. We can do it on physical devices, such as a pendrive or hard drive, but also in the cloud. This last alternative is very interesting, since it allows us to access this content from anywhere and also be able to share data with other users. In this article we are going to review some web pages that allow us to send files online without having to register.

Why use unregistered pages to submit files

You may wonder why it is interesting to use web pages to share files without registration instead of platforms where you do have to register. There are different reasons that can help us, which can ultimately be useful.

One of them is for speed . If we enter a web page where we only have to drop the file we want to send, it is faster than having to install an application or have to register on an online platform, activate the account, etc.

We must also bear in mind that they have the advantage that in many cases the recipient will not have to do more than click on the link that we generate once we upload it and they will not have to install anything else, or configure anything on their device.

Another positive point is that they are free . Although there are many platforms with registration that are also registered, in the case of pages where we do not have to put any data, we will find ourselves with the assurance that we will not have to pay anything to take advantage of the features it offers.

Also, one more factor is privacy . Ultimately we are submitting files anonymously. We would not have to create an account, or put the email, name or any other information. You just have to upload the files, generate the link and share it with another user to download it.

File sharing websites without registration

We are going to show a list with some web pages with which we can send files to others without having to register. We will see the main characteristics of each of them and thus be able to choose which one best suits what we are looking for. All of them share something in common, and that is that we will not have to put any personal data to be able to share documents.


The first option we want to show is that of Anonfiles . It is a very simple page to use and it also offers a great capacity. In fact they promise up to 20 GB of file limit and unlimited bandwidth. It is ideal if we want to quickly share a folder that contains many files and we do not want to register.

Using Anonfiles is very easy. We have to access their website and there we will see a button that says Upload. A window will automatically open to choose the files that we want to upload from our computer. We just have to press continue and continue with the process until it is completed.

In addition, although there is the option to upload them anonymously, it also allows us to create a user. This helps us to have more control over the files that we are sharing with third parties. It is an alternative that we can take into account, although in this case we would lose anonymity.


One of the most interesting options is FileMail . Beyond allowing us to send files to other users without the need to register or install anything, it allows us to encrypt what we are going to send with a password . It is a way to protect the link and prevent someone from seeing the content in case it was leaked.

Another highlight is that we can set a deadline for those files to be available. We can set it to automatically delete in a day, a week, a month … We can also simply let it remain there indefinitely.

Its operation is very simple. We just have to enter their website and there click on Add files. We select the one that interests us (we can also send a full folder) and click on Send. This file must be a maximum of 5 GB. It will generate a link for us. Also, we can put a message if we want.


An alternative is JustBeamIt . It also allows us to send files without having to install anything or register. To start using it we have to access its website from any browser.

Using it is very simple. We have to drag the file we want and it will automatically generate a link for us. In this case, both the sender and the receiver have to keep the transfer window open until the process is finished.

JustBeamIt has a peculiarity, and that is that the files we send will be stored for 10 minutes . Once that time has passed, they are automatically removed from the platform’s servers and are no longer available.

We can share documents and files with in a very simple and fast way. Although it allows us to create a user for free, we can also send those files without the need for any registration, or having to provide any data.

We have to access their website and once we are there we will see the Upload Files button . You have to select the file that you want to send to another person and then you will create the link that we can send.

As we can see on their website, they indicate that it does not have any type of limit and that it is completely free. In addition, as an alternative, we can create a user account and be able to manage the files from the platform, beyond just sending them without registering.

With we are going to find a service similar to the previous one. It is super easy to use and we can also send files without having to register or install anything on the computer. We just have to access their website and click Upload. There we will select the documents that we are interested in sending.

Once the process is finished, we can share with whoever we want the link where the content has been hosted. They can download it to any computer simply by having an Internet connection, without having to install any additional software or register at any time.

Therefore, we have one more option to be able to send all types of files quickly and easily. We will not have to give any type of personal data, or register. It is very useful to share files for free.

File Dropper

Another page to be able to send files anonymously without the need for registration is File Dropper . In this case we will be able to share documents that occupy up to 5 GB . We will have to access your website and there we will find a simple platform, where we can send files quickly.

To use it we have to click on Upload File , load the file that interests us and then generate a link. That link is what we have to send to other users with whom we want to share the documents.

Additionally, we can create an account. This will allow us to better manage the files. However, in this case we would have to put some data, such as an email address, to be able to carry out that registration and create the user and log in.

In short, these are some options that we have to be able to send files without the need for prior registration. We have seen the main characteristics of each of them, but in general all of them offer the essentials: upload documents and files of all kinds, generate a link and share it with others without the need to install anything or give data.

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