How to send an image from Google Photos on WhatsApp?

Since the appearance of Google, this company has grown more and more thanks to its operating system for phones called Android and many other applications that give you a very good experience when using them.

One of the most complete apps that Google has is Photos. Through this application you can create a backup for all your photos that are on your phone. Through it you can also edit photos in the way you like best. At this point we will show you how to share images from Google Photos to any other app on your phone.

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  1. What are the ways that Google Photos allows to share the saved data?
    1. Create shared albums
    2. Create links
    3. Manage new conversations
  2. What to do to share images and videos from Google Photos?
  3. Through what other Apps can Google Photos photos be sent and how to do it?
    1. By Telegram
    2. By Messenger
    3. Send them on Twitter
    4. If you want to send them by SMS

What are the ways that Google Photos allows to share the saved data?

If you like to use the Google Photos application on your phone because of the functions that it allows you to use here, we are going to indicate the ways you have to share the data that you have stored there. You can also share each photo that is in the cloud synchronized to Google Photos.

Create shared albums

When making a shared album, you must take into account each of the photos and videos that you add. That shared album will appear to the other members of this photo album. These photos can be shared with anyone you want to add and you can choose from what time or date the photos will be added to their part in the album.

If you want to activate this option in your Google photos app, you will enter the application. On the home screen you are going to click on the icon of your profile photo that is at the top of the screen. When you touch it, you will click on ‘Settings’, in this menu that was opened you will look for the ‘Share with a friend’ tab.

When you do this, you will be able to add the email of this friend to which you want to share your photos through the shared album. This must also have an email account that is Gmail for this to work. After that you are only going to select which photos you will have access to and from what period in which they were taken.

Create links

There are other alternative ways for you to share images with your contacts from the Photos app and it is through a single link. To share in this way you must enter the application and in the photos section you will select the photos you want to send in this way. Now you will click on the share icon at the top of the screen. There will be an option called ‘Create link’ and after touching it the link will be created and you will be able to choose who to send this unique link to.

Manage new conversations

This way you can send any content from Google Photos to a conversation. You are only going to enter Google Photos, you will press and hold the video or photo to send. Then you will click on ‘Share’, from there you will choose to which people you are going to send this photo or video.

What to do to share images and videos from Google Photos?

If the case is that you do not know how to share one or more videos or images from Google Photos to a social network such as WhatsApp or Instagram, you just have to enter the Photos app and press the photo you want to send. In the image view there are several options in which you are going to press the share option. There you will choose to which application you want to share it and the contact list will open where you will choose who you will send it to.

Through what other Apps can Google Photos photos be sent and how to do it?

These ways are not the only ways to share files that are located in Google Photos, since you can share any photo to any of the applications you have installed, you will achieve it this way.

By Telegram

If you are going to send it through Telegram, you are only going to go to the photos app on your phone and search for the image or video to send. Then you will leave it pressed and you will touch the share icon at the top of the screen. Now click on Telegram among the other apps and choose the contact to whom you will send the photo.

By Messenger

If you are going to send a multimedia file from this app that we have talked about throughout the tutorial, you also have to locate the image you are going to send and you will open it. Then you will click on the share icon and click on the Messenger app. In this way, the application will open and the list of your contacts will be there so you can see who you will send it to.

Send them on Twitter

If what you are looking for is to share it in the Twitter application, you will have to follow the same steps in the case of Messenger and Telegram so that you can send this photo or video.

If you want to send them by SMS

To send the photo via SMS you have to enter Photos and press and hold the photos that you will send. There, touch the share option and you will press the share icon as in the other cases. Now you will choose the SMS message and that app will open with the photo already attached and you will have to choose the contact you will send it to and voila, press the send button.


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