How to send a TikTok to a friend on WhatsApp?

TikTok is a social platform of Chinese origin, in which people post videos to earn money through the views they receive. Since 2020, the TikTok platform has become a trend

What makes this video platform have more and more users is its video sharing function. In short, we will explain how to share a TikTok video if it does not give you the option to share, how to download a TikTok video, and also how to upload a TikTok video to your WhatsApp status.

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  1. What can you do if the video does not have the option to share?
    1. Use an external website to download videos
  2. How to download a video using ‘Download’?
  3. How to upload a video from TikTok to WhatsApp?
  4. Can videos that last more than 30 seconds be sent by WhatsApp?

What can you do if the video does not have the option to share?

On some occasions, TikTok videos do not have the option to download them because whoever posted the video disabled that option on posting . This way you will keep the video on your profile and no one else will be able to put it anywhere else using the ‘Share’ option.

In those cases, the only thing to do is download the video using an external application. Next, we will explain how to download a video from the TikTok platform using an app called ‘Snaptube’.

Use an external website to download videos

Earlier we said that the only way to share a TikTok video without the share option not activated was by using Snaptube. If you don’t have Snaptube installed on your device, you can download it from the developer’s page, and if you already have it, follow the process that will be shown below:

  • Open the Snaptube application and enter the Snaptube page.
  • Find the video, put it to play.
  • Wait for the yellow Snaptube download icon to appear.
  • When you see it, tap it.
  • Select the quality in which you want to download the video.
  • Wait for the download to finish.
  • Finally, look for the video inside the cell phone storage and check that it has downloaded without errors.

If you see that the video has downloaded without errors, the only thing left to do is close your TikTok session within the Snaptube application . In this way you will protect the account as much as possible and you will not run the risk of being Hacked.

How to download a video using ‘Download’?

Although TikTok videos can be easily downloaded using a third-party app like Snaptube, the videos can be downloaded by the TikTok app itself. However, sometimes this option is not available either . So most of the time you will have to resort to the use of third-party applications.

However, it is necessary that you know how to download TikTok videos from the same application using the ‘Download’ option. Thus, you will get to know much better how TikTok works:

  • Enter the TikTok application.
  • Login to your account.
  • Find the video you want to download.
  • When you find it, press the icon of the 3 dotsthat is on one of the sides of the video.
  • In the options that will be displayed when you press the icon with the 3 dots, choose the one that says ‘Download’.

When you hit the ‘Download’ option, the video should start downloading immediately. Wait for it to finish downloading and look for it in your mobile storage to check that it has no errors of any kind. It should be noted that sometimes the app has failures when downloading videos and when displaying the comments of the videos . What to do when the app crashes is to clear the cache.

How to upload a video from TikTok to WhatsApp?

The videos that are in the storage of your mobile phone, can be uploaded in the WhatsApp status. If you have already downloaded the video from TikTok , you can upload that same video as a WhatsApp status update as follows:

  • Enter the WhatsApp app on your mobile.
  • See the ‘ States‘ section .
  • Press the bar that says ‘My status’.
  • Then, inside your gallery, find the video that you want to post as a status update.
  • Cut out the 30 seconds you want to place.
  • Finally, press the icon in the shape of a paper planeto upload your status.

This is the easiest way to upload a TikTok video to your WhatsApp status . It is very important that when you upload the status, you do it with a fast internet connection, so that the video does not have audio lags.

Can videos that last more than 30 seconds be sent by WhatsApp?

Videos that last more than 30 seconds can be uploaded without a problem something in the WhatsApp statuses. For this it is important that the clippings in several parts and upload multiple status updates.

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