How to send a temporary photo on Instagram

It is possible that, as with stories that have 24 hours before they disappear, we want to know how you can send a temporary photo on Instagram so that it is visible for a certain time.

Instagram is one of the fashionable social networks, in it we find a lot of functions such as the famous “stories”, photos and 15-second videos that are deleted 24 hours after being shared.

These types of images are often used on occasions when we want the recipient to see the image , but they cannot have the photograph stored on their device.

The recipient in question usually belongs to our close environment of friends, so it is a way of sending images so that later they cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet. To send a temporary photo on Instagram we must follow the following steps:

  • We open the Instagram application and move to the upper left, and click on the camera icon.
  • Next, we will take the photo by clicking once on the circle located at the bottom.
  • Then, we will click on the button at the bottom right called “send to” .
  • search bar will be shown at the top to be able to select the user we want to send it to since we also have a list with the contacts we have recently had contact with.
  • Click on the blue button that shows “send” and a temporary image will have been automatically sent. It should be noted that the “share” button will also appear at the top, we will only click on this if we want to share said photograph in our Instagram stories .

We must bear in mind that these images can be captured by the other user , although generally in the chat itself it would appear that the capture has been made by the recipient.

Send photo from private chat

There is also the possibility of sending a temporary photo to a specific friend without having to leave the chat. Unlike the other by which we can share a temporary photograph with more than one person, in this case we can only send the image to the recipient of the chat.

Within the direct messages of Instagram we can send a temporary image, we simply must follow these steps:

  • We enter one of the conversations and click on the button on the left that shows a camera.
  • When pressing, the same interface will appear as in a “stories” as in the previous steps. We will click on the central button once and we will be able, as with the “stories” that we publish, to edit the photograph using filters and stickers.

Although Instagram is the network that sets the most trends, the truth is that years ago the network that was based on the videos and images available for 24 hours was Snapchat.

As we mentioned, we must take this type of temporary photographs with caution because we will not always be notified if the recipient has taken a screenshot . In addition, the photo can be consulted a second time if we click on the photo icon located in the conversation.

And as we say, we must be careful with the content we send since this, if captured by the recipient user, can put our image at risk. The good thing about this type of capture is that it has filters and modes by which the image can be made more dynamic.

In addition to Instagram, it is also possible to send a temporary photo on other social networks such as Facebook or even Snapchat, that way the image can only be viewed for a limited time and will not be available permanently.

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