How to send a Telegram video by WhatsApp?

For a long time, Telegram has made it very clear that it is much better than WhatsApp in certain things. Telegram has better functions such as importing WhatsApp chats without losing any type of messages or any type of file and sharing videos.

If you want to know how to  send a Telegram video by WhatsApp and what should be the appropriate size of the file to be able to send it, here we will show you the procedure.

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  1. What procedure should be followed to use the Apps and share Telegram videos on WhatsApp?
    1. With an Android mobile
    2. From your iOS device
  2. How can you use web versions to share videos from Telegram to WhatsApp?
  3. What is the size of the multimedia files to share them on WhatsApp?
  4. What are the best compressors to download and compress your videos without losing quality?
    1. Wondershare UniConverter
    2. Video Compressor
    3. Video Compress
    4. VideoShow – Video Editor, Video Maker, Music, Free
    5. Free Video Editor

What procedure should be followed to use the Apps and share Telegram videos on WhatsApp?

Depending on the device you have, the method to send a Telegram video on WhatsApp will change. That is why we will show you the methods to use in the case of devices with an iOS system and in the case of devices with an Android system.


With an Android mobile

The WhatsApp application compatible with Android is a little different from the one that is compatible with the iOS system mobiles. Certain options change a few times and that’s why the explanations change a bit. To send Telegram videos by WhatsApp, you have to enter your Telegram App to find the video that you have been sent and that you want to share with WhatsApp .

Then, press and hold it and select the ” Share ” icon . Immediately, you should see some applications with which you can share the video. Those applications should include WhatsApp, when you see it, press it and configure the different options to share the video.

From your iOS device

From devices with the iOS operating system, you have to go to the Telegram App, find the video to send, press it and then press the ” Share ” icon . Now, select the WhatsApp application , customize the respective details, decide to whom you will send the video and proceed to send it. It should be noted that you can send a message from Telegram to a WhatsApp user without having any problems.

Although with WhatsApp you cannot send messages to Telegram, at least you can add other people using the QR code without having to manually type the person’s number.

How can you use web versions to share videos from Telegram to WhatsApp?


From the web versions of these applications you cannot share videos from Telegram to WhatsApp as we have shown previously. But you can share videos using another method. Before we said that with Telegram, you can send videos to a WhatsApp user .

You have to open the Telegram Web on your PC, then proceed to send a message to another WhatsApp contact and after you receive it on WhatsApp send the video. Now, if you don’t know how to send the video from Telegram to WhatsApp using this mode, you can download the video from the Telegram platform and then send it via WhatsApp Web.

To download the video from Telegram Web, you just have to right click on it and a download option should appear immediately . If no download option appears, then install a program like IDM on your computer and download the video.

What is the size of the multimedia files to share them on WhatsApp?

One of the best things about Telegram is that the size of the files is not a problem to send them. On the other hand, to be able to send a file in good quality from WhatsApp it has to weigh less than 16 Megabytes. If it goes above that amount of MB, it will not be able to be sent.


That is why you will have to lower the quality or cut it into several parts. To do this type of thing you need to use applications or programs to compress them and to trim them if necessary. It should be noted that another of the best features of Telegram is that it allows you to schedule the sending of messages at specific times.

What are the best compressors to download and compress your videos without losing quality?

Before we mentioned something about lowering the quality of the videos or cutting them so that they can be sent through WhatsApp. Sometimes it’s hard to find a really good app that actually does the things we need. Now, we have chosen to tell you about some of the best applications to trim and lower the weight of the videos you want to send via WhatsApp.

Wondershare UniConverter

Wondershare is not only a video optimizer, it also fulfills the function of ” Video Editor “. With this application, you can customize your videos whenever you want to upload one to your status or when you want to send one to a certain person. The can download for free on their official website.

Video Compressor


Video Compressor only fulfills the function of lowering the quality and weight of the videos. So, with this application you will not be able to edit your videos at the moment , because it is not known for sure if a version that has a video editor will be released later.

However, although the ” Video Compressor ” never incorporates a video editor, in a certain part it is a good thing because the App will not take up much space on the device.

Video Compress

Video Compress is a bit similar to ” Video Compressor “, only it has more functions and allows you to export the videos you want to optimize, in other formats besides ” MP4 “. Such a feature is very useful when you want to put a video on a DVD player that only reads ” AVI ” formats .

VideoShow – Video Editor, Video Maker, Music, Free

VideoShow is a single application, but it has many more functions than the other applications mentioned above. However, the downside of this App is that due to its multiple functions it weighs much more. Therefore, if your mobile is not so new and does not have much memory, it is not recommended that you download this application.

Free Video Editor

The Free video editor is also a good option to reduce the weight of the videos you want to send through the WhatsApp application. With this, in addition to editing and correcting details to the videos, you can also lower the quality and combine them with other videos.

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