How to send a GIF privately on Instagram?

Although Instagram Direct instant messaging is used more ephemerally and not so much to have a long conversation, it also has the same functions as other messaging apps, such as WhatsApp for example. Here we will show you how you can send a GIF through Instagram Direct , so that your chats on this social network are more animated.

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  1. What to do to add your own GIF to Instagram?
  2. What are the reasons why the GIFS are not visible?
  3. How to send GIFS by message on Instagram?
    1. GIF search
    2. Add new GIFS

What to do to add your own GIF to Instagram?

GIFs are small, image-style video sequences of very short duration that are repeated in a loop. It has become an excellent form of communication, which although they do not enjoy the same fame as the “stickers”, are also an excellent way to give life to our chats (on WhatsApp and Facebook).

On Instagram, it is also possible to add a GIF, since the app has this option, it can be a default one or our own (that we have created ourselves)

So how can we send our own GIF on Instagram Direct? The answer is very simple, the important thing is that you have on your phone the GIF that you are going to send then from your gallery, find and select the GIF in question, after doing this, look for the share option for Instagram messaging, look for the chat of the person to whom you are going to send it and that’s it.

Another method is to send the GIF while already inside the Instagram application, just touch the corresponding option that allows you to send videos and images, select the GIF and send it.

A third method is to use an alternative, although it is quite tedious to do it, the bank of GIFs that Instagram uses to show you some ready-made ones is ; This website allows you to create and upload your own GIFs . What you can do is upload your GIF to this platform and then through the option to search for GIF on Instagram , with the name with which you uploaded it to the platform, locate it and send it to the person through the chat.

What are the reasons why the GIFS are not visible?

The option to view, send and receive GIFs through Instagram has been available since an update in 2018. So to say that having the app updated is not enough.

First of all, check your internet connection, whether through mobile data or Wi-Fi, it is possible that if the signal is weak and with connection problems, not only the GIFs, but also the videos and images will not be will show correctly or flat, they will not be shown, but a black box. Try shutting down and restarting your mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Another reason may be due to an error in the application itself or a data saving setting. In the first case, try to clear cache and data of the app and restart in “Force stop”, log in again and that’s it.

In the second case, see if the data saving option is active, from the phone itself or from the application, if so, deactivate it so that the GIF is displayed correctly on Instagram.

The last reason is because you have an old phone and it does not support updates to some extent, so it does not have the resources to display the GIF.

How to send GIFS by message on Instagram?

Sending a GIF by message in Instagram Direct is quite easy and does not require many tricks, however, try to keep the app updated to avoid inconveniences.

The best way is to send it while already in the person’s own chat, so that this is a matter of sending it directly and not then manually searching for the user; It can happen that, by mistake, we end up making a mistake and sending the GIF to another person and not to the one we want.

GIF search

Being inside the chat of the person to whom we want to send the GIF, in the lower part where we enter the text, we select the icon most attached to the right, the one with a happy face in the form of a sticker.

When we open, the option to insert sticker will open by default, but don’t worry, below you will see the option to send GIF ; Touch there and when you do, different GIFs will appear to select from, but by typing the theme you want and starting the search, you will get several options about it, that is, if you want Halloween-themed GIFs, write that word and they will appear as resulted in several options to choose from.

When you have chosen the option of your preference, touch and the GIFs will be automatically sent by Instagram to the person with whom you are chatting.

Add new GIFS

To add new GIFs, you can do it from the bank that Instagram uses , which is; the platform will allow you to create or upload your GIFS created on your computer with programs such as Photoshop .

Keep in mind that these can then be searched from Instagram as we explained before and that anyone can use your GIF if they find it.

If by any chance you want a GIF different from the bank that Instagram uses by default, then you will have to download the GIF to your gallery and send it to the person’s chat. As you may have noticed, it is not as complicated as it seems, try to always maintain a good data or Wi-Fi signal and keep Instagram updated to avoid inconveniences.

Another method to acquire new personalized GIFs is by creating them from a video , and for this there are many pages and applications, although the most recommended is GIF Maker.

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