How to sell products online in the AliExpress store?

Dropshipping is the new trend of successful business model that many people have been implementing to generate income. You can sell your products in the Aliexpress store easily and safely . Learn how to do it through this DropShipping guide.

What is Dropshipping?

DropShipping is a new business model for Internet sales where the seller does not have the products in stock, but they are in the wholesale store and when making the purchase the company is responsible for sending the product. The product reaches the customer directly and you are responsible for paying the store the percentage corresponding to the sale.

It is a very profitable business model when established correctly and Aliexpress can be the ideal store to start your own online store. Probably your products do not compete with the price with Aliexpress, but you have the possibility of reaching the customer with other methods by offering the product at the right time.

Sell ​​producer online in AliExpress store

Create a store

You have the possibility to create a store from scratch with the creation of a blog. To do it this way you need to have intermediate knowledge of creating pages in WordPress . Luckily there are layout designers that make your life easy and you can create a page just by dragging elements onto the page.

Now there is also the possibility of creating the store with solutions like Shopify that are made specifically for this purpose. It is a matter of choosing the alternative that suits you best.

Choose products from the store

It can be the most difficult task of the entire store creation process. Although it does not require specialized knowledge, you must choose very well which products to place in the store. The success of your store will depend largely on the products you offer .

Try to choose products that have a high sales volume on Aliexpress and create descriptions that are attractive to potential customers.

Choose a niche, do not choose several products at random, just stick with a particular product or several that are related

Do not choose imitations , the reputation of your store is related to the type of product you offer. If you do not offer a quality product it is difficult for a buyer to return or recommend you.

Select products that offer free shipping service . Most products come from China and shipping can be expensive, selecting free shipping reduces your store costs.

Choose only reputable sellers . The most important thing is to ensure that the product reaches the customer’s hands in perfect condition and that it is exactly the same product that is being promoted.

Choose a low-cost product, these types of products tend to be more attractive for sale and at the same time guarantee to have a low risk margin of loss, in case a problem occurs.

Add the products to the store

This is the second phase that guarantees the success of your store and it is very important. If you want to sell products, just copy the images that Aliexpress have available with the texts and descriptions.

But if you want to stand out and outperform the competition, create original and authentic descriptions that will hook potential buyers. Go a little further and show him a thousand ways to use the products.

Offer the best personalized customer service, be very clear about the price of products and delivery times to avoid having a bad reputation for delayed delivery.

Offer products with free shipping , nothing more attractive to a customer than knowing that they can save some money by not having to pay extra money for shipping the product.

Track orders . One of the great benefits that Shopify offers is an order tracking application with the aim of keeping customers informed of the location of their orders.

Use applications to add the products to your store . Aliexpress has apps that are useful for automatically adding the products to your website like Expressfy.


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