How to sell products in Mercado Libre for the first time – Easy and fast

Without fear of being wrong, one of the largest showcases that exists on the web, which serves both to sell and to buy products is Mercado libre. It is a page visited by thousands of people, who want in some way, to find a good price, a TV, a mobile phone, the replacement of the refrigerator, etc. And since we know that not everyone knows how to use this platform, we will show you how to sell products in Mercado Libre for the first time, easily and quickly.

Many users have created their business online, using this platform and it has left them high income, it is like having an online store. To be able to use Mercado libre as a showcase to show the products to be sold. You must register on the page for free and publish what you want to sell, remember that it does not matter if it is new or used.

The page is very easy to use and although you can publish publications for free, so you can make your sales. It offers you different paid plans, so you can have a higher level of exposure of your products. And all as simple as deleting the history of Mercado libre from your Android mobile.

How to sell products in Mercado Libre for the first time

Today, using an online platform like Mercado libre offers you many advantages that we can count on. You do not need to have a physical store, you reach more people, your treatment is personal and allows you to carry out secure transactions without any type of risk. In addition, it is the perfect place for those who have never made an online sale.

As long as you follow the simple steps offered by the platform to publish your product and listen to the recommendations that are offered to you thanks to years of experience. Your future as an online entrepreneur is guaranteed. So you only have to start with the first step which is to create your free market account.

Steps to sell products in Mercado Libre for the first time

Once you have registered on the page and created your account, the first step you must take to sell a product is to choose the type to which your product belongs.

When you log into your account, you will notice at the top of the screen you will find several options that will allow you to perform various actions on your account.

These are in a yellow bar and we can name you, for example, Categories, Offers, Help, Login, My purchases, etc. here we will also get the option to Sell.

We are going to select it and we will be shown a box with several categories and you must choose one that contains the product you want to publish. What makes it so simple is that the same system guides you.

The next step will be to describe the product you are publishing, you must add a striking and not so general title. It is more striking, for example, to say “LG 55-inch LED Smart TV new with 2 months warranty”. What “new TV”. It is also important that you give clear details about the product, such as color, dimensions, weight, the manufacturing material, etc.

You should also upload as many images as possible , where you can see the different angles of the product. These images must be of very good quality, since this will dispel any doubts in the future client about the current state of the product. Once you have finished with the description, you must click the Confirm button.

Now the next step is to define the price of the product, what will be the value you will give it and what you expect to receive from the customer.

Then you must choose the type of publication , where you can choose between Free, Classic and Premium. You should choose the one that suits your needs, but if you are starting you should choose the free option.

The last step is to choose which shipping method you are going to use and the payment method you will use to finalize the sale of the product, you must also indicate if you offer guarantees or not.

Now you will only have to click on the Publish option, so that your product is displayed on the platform and then follow up on it. You realize how easy it is to  sell products on Mercado Libre for the first time.


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