How to sell players on FIFA

You have never been a great fan of video games but, loving football very much and having a console or a gaming PC at home, you have decided to try your hand at FIFA , the famous official football simulation released every year by Electronic Arts. You have already started playing and are having more fun than expected, but you don’t quite understand how the player sales system works. You would therefore need some information on this and would like to know if I can give it to you. Of course yes, God forbid!

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through how to sell players on FIFA in detail . In particular, I will examine all the modalities of the case, from the classic Career to the Ultimate Team (which in recent years has kept many fans glued to the screen). I will not fail to analyze the player sales mechanism in the versions of FIFA for mobile devices.

Courage: why are you still standing there motionless in front of the screen? If you’re planning on learning how to sell players in FIFA, just follow the quick instructions below. Having said that, there is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and, above all, have fun!


  • How to sell players on FIFA career
  • How to sell players on FIFA Ultimate Team
  • How to sell players on FIFA Mobile

How to sell players on FIFA career

To give you a concrete example, I will explain how to sell players on FIFA 20 in career . I will examine FIFA 20, but in reality the procedure is very similar for the other chapters of the well-known football series (at least the past ones, about which futures I cannot clearly pronounce!). The indications also apply to both consoles and PCs.

Well, all you have to do to sell a player in Career mode is to wait for one of the classic transfer windows , that is the summer one (July / August) or the winter one (January), and make your sales.

You can see how long it is until the next transfer market session via the CALENDAR , accessible from the SEASON tab . To sell a player , you must instead go to the PINK tab and press the PINK HUB box .

Then, select the player you want to sell and click on Add to Transfer List or Add to Loan List . Once this is done, to check that everything has been done correctly, go back to the FIFA Career mode menu , move to the TRANSFERS tab and press on the MARKET HUB box .

Here you will find all the activities related to player trading . Move, therefore, to the TRANSFERS or LOANS section , to see if the player has been correctly put up for sale. From here you can also remove it from the lists , in case you have second thoughts.

At this point, go back to the main menu of the Career mode and progress with time , playing games or moving forward with the days . As you progress through the days, it may happen that the player being offered for sale contacts you: you can also reply to his messages , but it doesn’t matter much at this stage.

After a few days in the game, you should receive some player transfer proposals . At that point, just open the e-mail message received (the game will send you a notification to that effect), go to the transfer hub and choose whether to accept the offer , reject it , try to negotiate or delegate the negotiations (which will come performed automatically by the game).

Perfect, you have now learned how to sell players on FIFA in Career mode. If you want advice on which players to sell, you might want to take a look at the game ‘s market value estimate , which gives you an idea of ​​how much other teams might be offering. For the rest, you might consider replacing some player you sold by replacing them at no cost (paying only the contract and not the card). For more details on this possibility, I invite you to consult my tutorial on how to buy expiring players on FIFA .

How to sell players on FIFA Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team is a very popular online mode in FIFA, in which it is also possible to buy and sell players. Again, I’ll show you how to sell players on FIFA 20 Ultimate Team , taking this chapter of the series as a concrete example, but the steps to take are always very similar.

To sell a player in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode , just go to the ROSE tab , click on the ACTIVE PINK box , choose the player to sell and select the PUT ON MARKET option .

At that point, you will be prompted to set the auction starting price , the Buy Now cost (the price at which users can take players home without even participating in the auction), and the auction duration .

You can also click on the Compare price item to see at what cost other people are selling that player and get a better idea of ​​its value. Once you have chosen everything, just click on the item Put on the Transfer Market to sell the player. The transfer list can contain a maximum of 100 players .

Now, you just have to wait for someone to come forward and buy the player. The game will notify you via the card TRANSFERS about all ‘ outcome of negotiations . In short, selling players in FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode isn’t that difficult. Always pay attention to one aspect: on each transaction there is a “withholding” of 5% . This means that if you sell a player for 10,000 credits , you have actually earned 9,500 .

Now that you know how to sell players, here are some tips that may help you quickly earn credits in this mode. One of the most popular methods for users is the Bronze Pack . In fact, the latter, which cost 400 credits , usually contain several players who can be placed at least 150 coins each.

You have probably already guessed where I want to go: with a little luck and maybe even finding players rarer than the basic ones, it is possible to rack up a lot of credits in the long run, since the gains from the sale will often exceed the cost of the package . Of course, this is not the fastest method, since we are talking about low figures, but it is certainly one of the least risky and most used even by novice players.

For the rest, there are several other techniques that are used by players to understand which players are selling best. For example, an important aspect to be aware of are the Squad Building Challenges , which require the player to create a team with certain characteristics to obtain rewards. For this reason, you may want to analyze which players are usually required by these challenges and see if you have any players who are able to have a good understanding with all the teams.

In that case, you might think about “playing” a little on the price, raising it according to the importance you think the player has. In case you need credits “urgently” , you could use the Compare Price button to analyze the market cost of that player and sell it at a slightly lower price than the average. In this way, you will attract users who are using the sniping technique , immediately obtaining the credits.

Among other things, you can “exploit” this type of reverse attitude, placing players on the market at a higher price than usual . Just think that there are those who use all 100 slots of the transfer list to try to attract the so-called lazy buyers , that is, “lazy” users, who are the ones who need credits “urgently” or simply don’t want to waste time .

How to sell players on FIFA Mobile

Of course, the ability to sell players is also available on FIFA Mobile (also known as FIFA Soccer ), the mobile version of Electronic Arts’ football title. In case you don’t know, you can download it for free via the Android Play Store or the iPhone and iPadOS App Store (there are in-app purchases).

To proceed with the sale of players you must reach account level 10 . In short, the first thing you need to do is follow the tutorial and play some matches . Just complete, for example, a few seasons of the world tour and maybe a few Division Rivals games (which you will unlock in the meantime).

By the way, many games can also be played automatically , meaning you just start them and let them play the AI. In short, reaching level 10 could take several hours , but using this possibility you could reach your goal without having to always be there to play. Just be careful to choose your squad well .

It counts that a game in Division Rivals mode provides 6 XP and that it usually takes 50 XP to level up . You can see your current level at the top left of the main game screen .

Once you have reached level 10 , go back to the main menu of the game and tap the MARKET box on the left. At this point, press the SELL button at the top, drag the player you want to put on the market in the appropriate box, choose the minimum price and the Buy Now price and press the PUBLISH OBJECT button . Please note that some early players who have provided you with the game cannot be put up for sale.

Now you just have to wait for someone to come forward to buy the player involved. To keep an eye on the progress of the sale , you can use the MY AUCTIONS tab , accessible from the MARKET menu .

Warning: you will also be informed by the game, but I remind you. In fact, even in FIFA Mobile there is a 5% commission on sales , just like in the PC and console edition. Great, now you are aware of all the possibilities related to the sale of players in the various FIFA games.

Since you are a fan of Electronic Arts football, I also recommend that you consult the page of my site dedicated to FIFA , where you can find several guides that could be for you.


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