How to sell on the internet?

How to sell on the internet? Perhaps you are asking yourself this question, because perhaps you have received as a gift something you already had or an unwelcome gadget. A little bad.

If it is true that what matters is the thought, you can resell your gift without too many remorse, making sense of something that would end up in a drawer. The internet comes to our aid with a lot of platforms on which to sell the things we no longer need, we are these smart gadgets , clothes and (almost) everything you can think of.

So let’s see what are the most popular and practical solutions to sell online .

How to sell on the internet with eBay: how it works

When it comes to online sales between individuals (and not only), the first site that comes to mind, especially to those who have been surfing for a while, is undoubtedly eBay . The auction platform has become a giant thanks to small trades and now hosts many real shops that have based their business on eBay.

The site is still valid and still very used for auction sales. These are numerous and they work, especially on the most popular items , such as smartphones, cameras, etc …

Using eBay is very simple . If you are not registered yet, you can do it directly from the dedicated page . After this step you can start selling right away, creating your ad .

For this purpose, eBay provides a very clear wizard . Especially if you are a beginner, read the tips carefully, they will help you better place your ad. The main disadvantage of eBay is that it is not free and to sell more smoothly (and attract more potential customers) you will have to resort to payments on PayPal, then other commissions.

If you are looking for no- cost sales methods, we recommend that you take a look at the sites below.

How to sell online with free websites: Kijiji, Subito and Vivastreet

If auctions and commissions aren’t your thing you can use the many free classifieds sites . Among the most popular in Italy are Kijiji , also managed by eBay, Vivastreet and . The operation of these is even easier than on eBay.

Just register and you can create your ad, complete with photos. Obviously, making ads more visible has costs. By paying you can, for example, add more photos, bring the ad back to the top of the list or highlight it with particular graphic styles.

Once you have found the buyer, it will be up to you to agree on the form of payment and delivery of the object. A more direct approach therefore.

Selling online with smartphone apps: Depop, Shpock and Xtribe

In recent years, alongside websites, apps that allow you to sell an object by doing everything from a smartphone are also having some success . The convenience is remarkable, since you can also use the mobile device to take pictures , and the communities behind these apps are usually very active.

Among these we point out Depop , focused on clothes but suitable for selling a bit of everything, Shpock , “a pocket flea market” really well done and with many users, as well as Xtribe , more linked to ads near the area where we is situated. In short, the choice is not lacking.


  • Depop
  • Shpock
  • Xtribe

Selling on the internet with forums

As a “bonus” we also post a note on the forums . One of the best ways to reach fans of a certain category is to use the market sections of the various forums. You will find one for practically any sector: photography, smartphones, PCs and so on and so forth.


Black Friday, all you need to know about the “discount party”

Obviously here you will have a direct approach with the buyer and you will have to make sure you respect the rules of the forum on which you are going to post. You can get started right away by taking a look at the AndroidWorld forum .

This concludes this review on the best ways to sell online as a private individual. And you who have already concluded a few deals on the internet, which site and method do you prefer?

How to sell on Amazon

If you have a certain volume of sales or are directed towards a more professional approach, we invite you to take a look at the guide we have dedicated to selling on Amazon. To learn more, just click on the title of the paragraph.

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