How To Sell Insurance

One of the most difficult and challenging jobs in our country is to sell insurance. People’s awareness of insurance or insurance is still very low. In the developed countries, the insurance staff goes to the customer for insurance and in our country the insurance worker goes to the customer to sell the insurance.

Why selling insurance is a difficult task

Awareness about insurance is the main reason. When you have no idea about a product or product, don’t you buy it? Just as many people have little or no idea about insurance, it is also a negative idea. So selling insurance is a difficult task.

How to Sell Insurance

The potential customer needs to be understood. When you go to talk to a customer about your insurance policy, you need to understand the customer’s needs. The customer needs to understand what kind of policy is required. Without explaining all kinds of policies, it is best to present them correctly.

What you speak is important, but how you say it is more important. Make sure you know what you want to talk about in front of your prospective client with your policy. No extra talk or less talk. Present the key points correctly. Read more – A life insurance worker and his qualifications

Don’t think yourself small. Many insurance workers suffer from inferiority. As an insurance worker you have to be active at all times. Speak clearly and beautifully. When you talk to a customer about a policy, speak with confidence. Know everything about the policy beforehand and explain it.

Can’t talk too much. When the customer wants to know about your insurance company or the terms of the policy, do not say anything extra. Tell me what is true. Tell me the truth even if it’s not sold.

Focus more on customer profit than your profit. Suppose you get more commissions for a life insurance sale, but when your customer is interested in buying a DPS policy, you should sell him a DPS policy. If the customer understands that you want to compile a Long Tam life insurance policy for your benefit, then the customer will do the policy to the other insurance representative rather than the policy to you.

The key is: To sell insurance, you have to be honest, clear, well-utilized, and have to deal with customer needs. Many good wishes!

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