How to sell a used car online

Do you know all about selling used cars online? Let’s find out together.

Sooner or later, the time comes to part with one’s faithful car, a very delicate phase that greatly worries every motorist, especially when one chooses to  sell the used car among private individuals . The advantages of relying on the unquestionable competence of a dealer do not in fact compensate for the much higher profit that a private sale can guarantee.

However, it is good to get accurate information to best present your used car and maximize the revenue from online sales. It is not easy to improvise as a seller, so we offer simple steps and tips to help you sell used cars online!

Selling used cars: set the price

When we talk about used cars, first of all it is good to check the  kilometers traveled , the year of registration  and the  state of wear  of your vehicle. All these aspects must be evaluated together: a car of recent registration will still have a lower value if with a considerable number of kilometers. Undoubtedly, the brand ,  model  and  equipment also affect the price  . As for the brand, one cannot fail to consider the fact that brands have a different value in the market, a BMW 3 Series will have a different estimate than a Peugeot 308; It is also important to take a look at the new versions of the model in possession: the value of the car drops if the versions proposed on the market are numerous! The same goes for the set-up: the more a car is equipped, the more the gain will be considerable.

Furthermore, there are numerous portals that offer an evaluation based on the parameters entered: however, we remind you that the state of wear of the vehicle is at the discretion of the owner and is a very important factor to consider. Decide whether or not to include VAT in the price shown.

Another good practice is to compare the prices offered on the various used car sales portals, to establish a price in line with the market that does not devalue the vehicle or overestimate it.

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How to sell online: prepare the car and the necessary documents

First thing: check that you are in order with all the documents of your used car! Don’t underestimate this very important aspect.  Stamp, coupon and booklet  must be in order! Make sure everything is in order before proceeding with a sales proposal.

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Don’t overlook the image of your used car; wash it thoroughly, exterior and interior, and do not spare elbow grease. Indeed, it is not enough that the engine and electronics are excellent. A dirty car will not benefit either the sale or your earnings, because the buyer will tend to devalue it.

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How to sell used cars: post an ad on the internet

To reach a greater number of potential customers, it is advisable to publish an ad on the various portals available online for the sale of used cars, including: AutoScout24,, and Kijiji  In fact, in a few minutes it is possible to create a sales proposal with simple and quick steps.

Take pictures of your used car paying attention to enhance its strengths, as an option or bodywork details. Check the lighting and image quality before posting them in your ad.

Write an accurate and precise description, possibly full of details to make it easier to find!

Selling used cars online: choose the payment method

An invoice is not required, but it is good practice to use a private agreement to prove the sale.

When it comes to payment, the best and easiest choice would be to get a  bank transfer  before delivering your used car. However, it is not uncommon for the buyer to pay with a  cashier’s check  when signing the documents and transferring ownership. However, the advice is to make sure that the payment has been made before delivering the car.

Used car sales: take care of the bureaucracy and related costs

There are a number of expenses to be incurred concerning the bureaucratic procedures and the necessary documents:

  • ACI emoluments: € 27.00;
  • Stamp duty for registration in the Public Automobile Register (PRA): € 32.00;
  • DTT fees: € 10.20;
  • Stamp duty for updating the Registration Card: € 16.00;
  • Provincial Transcription Tax: varies according to the type of vehicle and the province of residence.

Make sure that the transfer of ownership has been successful, otherwise the car will remain in your name and with it also any fines and problems involving the vehicle and the new owner!


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