How to sell a damaged car

Selling a damaged vehicle is not as immediate as selling one under normal conditions, but it is an essential procedure to recover from the economic loss caused by its destruction in a collision.

Here’s how to sell a damaged car .

Damaged car: beware of scams

If you have had a car accident, you are fine, but economically you cannot afford to fix the car, you can consider selling it as it is.

There are people who for various reasons agree to buy a car even totally damaged: it is only necessary to identify the right buyer and avoid possible scams.

In fact, the danger of meeting unreliable people is there, but just take precautions: if you are dealing with a private individual, ask for the tax code, identity card and data for the transfer of ownership. In addition, request a cash payment, by paying the money in the bank in co-presence so as to have immediate confirmation of the validity of the banknotes received, or use a cashier’s check.

If it is a company, do a research on the quality of its work: some export the damaged cars and need several documents to complete the radiation for export. You obviously need your credentials, the certificate of ownership and the registration certificate, as well as some signature.

Damaged car: how to sell it

How to identify the probable buyers for the damaged car? Car dealers are usually the first to be affected. They can repair them at much lower prices than those offered by the market, so they can make money by buying a damaged car and refurbishing it.

Often then these cars are put up for sale on the foreign market, based on the price trend: you will find many sites of companies (and not only) operating in the sector.

Another alternative is delivery to the dealer, thus evaluating the exchange for a new or used vehicle.

In this case, it is good to consider a very important aspect: state incentives guarantee considerable discounts on the selling price of new cars (not used, therefore) following the scrapping of the old car.

It is therefore necessary to evaluate the actual value of the car to decide whether to exchange it or scrap it to have the incentives on the purchase of a new car.


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