How to see who repost stories on Instagram


  • 1How to see who repost a story
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  • 2How to find out who made a repost of a publication
    • 1On the phone
    • 2On a computer

Instagram is rather reluctant to repost user content. This has spawned many third-party applications with the ability to solve this problem. Tracking such copying of content is not always easy. Let’s find out how to find out who repost on Instagram and understand all the features of this function.

How to see who repost a story

To get started, let’s look at a guide to viewing people who repost Stories, not regular posts.

On the phone

The manual for smartphones on IOS and Android has slight differences, in order to avoid confusion, we provide instructions for each device separately.

It is worth noting that all important information can only be obtained through a business profile.


  1. First, you need to open the statistics section. It’s on your personal profile screen.
  2. Here, pay attention to the item ” Interactions with content” in the block ” Overview “.
  3. This is where all the available information on user interaction with Stories is loaded.


  1. For IOS, the manual is almost identical, except for the location of the StatisticsOn the iPhone, it’s in the sidebar.
  2. Go to the ” Content” block .
  3. We study the received data.

On the computer

Unfortunately, the official website of the platform does not have a wide range of features and only provides functions for viewing content and setting a small number of parameters. Detailed view of business profile statistics is not available here.

How to find out who made a repost of a publication

In addition to the Stories loved by many users, ordinary publications from users have not gone anywhere either. Reposting a publication is not uncommon for Instagram, we propose to consider how to find out that a certain photo has been reposted.

On the phone

Let’s start with a breakdown of the manual for smartphones on different OCs, there are also some nuances here. Despite the obvious identity of the different versions, each has its own peculiarities, they relate to the location of the controls.


To view the information we need, you also need to connect a business account. You will find a link to our article on connection above.

  1. So, we launch the application and go to the personal profile page. This can be done by tapping on its thumbnail image on the bottom panel.
  2. Here, pay attention to all the published photos below and open the one that interests you.
  3. Directly above the snapshot there is a button ” View statistics“. Tap on it once.
  4. This is where all the available information about reposts is located, we are interested in the numbers above the paper airplane icon.


  1. Open Instagram and go to the profile window.
  2. Find a suitable publication from the list and click on it.
  3. We select the item ” View publication“.
  4. Right above the paper airplane icon is the statistics we need.

On the computer

As in the situation above, it is not possible to use a PC to collect account statistics. The official website of the social network is slowly acquiring new functions, and in the future, the emergence of profile analytics is quite possible. At the moment, you will have to use a smartphone.

Now you know how to find out who made a repost on Instagram on various devices. Probably, in the future, developers will take into account the dissatisfaction of users in relation to this function and try to come to an understanding. The problem lies in the confidentiality of data, the company often cannot disclose certain accurate statistics and only offers general information. It remains to be content with what is and expect the next updates.

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