How to see the infractions of your profile on Instagram?

If you have noticed that the number of reactions and comments has decreased in your Instagram posts, and you don’t know why this is due, perhaps you think it could be bad luck or the time you uploaded your post was not the most indicated, but most likely you have been banned without realizing it by Instagram , for any reason or rule that you did not comply with.

You will wonder what this is and how you can solve it, do not despair, in this article we will give you the information you need.

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  1. What consequences does being banned have for your Instagram account?
    1. Reduce your post interactions
    2. Not included in hashtag searches
  2. How can you tell if your Instagram account is suffering from a Shadowban?
    1. Upload a new post
    2. Check if your posts appear in the search results
  3. What is the way in which Triberr can be used to detect if your account has been banned?
  4. How to prevent your Instagram profile from being sanctioned with your future publications?
    1. Don’t use the same hashtags every time
    2. Check forbidden hashtags
    3. Don’t do repetitive actions
    4. Never use bots
    5. Don’t buy followers
  5. What should you do if your account is being penalized?
    1. Wait a reasonable time
    2. Delete the intervened publication
    3. Consult Instagram specialists

What consequences does being banned have for your Instagram account?

A ban is the most action that Instagram does to block a user who violates the rules of its web community , this can happen to you without you realizing it, in the case of Instagram when applying a Shadowban this if it allows your content to be able to do so See those who follow you, but it will delay and even stagnate the growth of your account, since it will not be able to reach beyond your followers.

Reduce your post interactions

It is a fact that having your account with this ban will drastically reduce the number of people who will be able to see what you publish and with this the amount of reactions and comments you will have on them, the shadowban is designed for that, that your publications as a user are seen with a very limited range .

Not included in hashtag searches

Another thing that will cause the ban will be the great difficulty of finding your publications through the search engine, since it will restrict your ability to appear through the search engine with hashtags, this will make the growth of your account very limited.

How can you tell if your Instagram account is suffering from a Shadowban?

If you think you have a shadowban on your account or are worried that you are being banned without realizing it, don’t worry, here we will give you a little information. To find out if you have been penalized with a ban, you can do the following:

Upload a new post

Try to upload a new post to your Instagram with common hashtags and others not so much, to see if you generate the normal amount of reactions and comments that you get in previous posts, as you already know the shadowban works by reducing the range of people who will be able to view your posts, it will be easy to tell the difference between a banned account and one that is not.

Check if your posts appear in the search results

For this you will have to search through a second account on Instagram, whether yours or not, or ask someone who is not following you for the favor to put in the search engine the hashtag that you placed on your post, if you cannot find it from this The safest way is that you were the victim of a ban. A tip to make the search more efficient will be that when uploading your post you do it with few common hashtags, since it could be that there are many publications besides yours with it and therefore it is not easy to find

What is the way in which Triberr can be used to detect if your account has been banned?

Triberr is an application that serves to increase visibility on the internet , which will show if your Instagram account has been banned, for this you must do the following:

  1. Enter the Triberr page.
  2. Here it will tell you if the post has shadowban.
  3. If there is a shadowban in your publication, you must go to the post where triberr tells us that we have the error and delete the hashtags and now you should not use your Instagram so much, you must wait for the sanction to be removed.

How to prevent your Instagram profile from being sanctioned with your future publications?

Being a social network where you can interact with many people , Instagram has restrictions on some things so that all its users are in harmony, if you do not comply with these restrictions this app can sanction you, so that this does not happen to you, you can avoid it from the Following way:

Don’t use the same hashtags every time

Hashtags can be called hyperlinks, since they will make your publication guide more with yourself the same number in order to categorize the task. That is, if you enter #emotion, more publications will appear with your same hashtags. The amount of these is in the millions, try not to place them so that you do not get penalized.

Check forbidden hashtags

As the number of words or phrases that are used as hashtags is very extensive, there are various restrictions on it, and there are even many that cannot be used, these are called forbidden hashtags.

Keep in mind what these types of hashtags are, because if you use them you can be sanctioned in this social network, you can access the Instavast application and see if the hashtag you want to use is allowed.

Don’t do repetitive actions

The social network looks for quality content , which is why if you do the same protocol in your Instagram actions, the possibility of sanctions enters. Try to vary your content, use different phrases, record videos, mount photos and leave the monotony so that you do not risk being penalized.

Never use bots

A bot is also called a computer robot . In an application that is responsible for obtaining an account to automate the work of following or unfollowing a number of people, bots use it in order for companies or people to obtain more followers, more likes and more views. In other words, a bot is a way to deceive the users of this social network, which is why Instagram, when discovering accounts that use this type of strategy to gain followers, penalizes them.

Don’t buy followers

Today there are pages where you can buy followers on Instagram, try not to use them, since if you do this you may have a penalty imposed by the same social network.

What should you do if your account is being penalized?

If you have discovered that you made an infraction in your account , you must stop generating content for it, you cannot comment or like other users’ publications, you must wait for your sanction to be removed.

Wait a reasonable time

You must wait a little time so that you can use your social network, since Instagram sanctions are temporary, the normal thing is that in 2 or 3 weeks you can use normally, but it is depending on your infraction.

Delete the intervened publication

Try to review all of your content to see if there are more violations on your account. You can search through your hashtags to see if there is not one or another that is prohibited.

Consult Instagram specialists

If you see that your account is penalized and that over time there is no improvement, try to contact Instagram support, they will always be willing to listen to your reports of problems in reference to the application.

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