How to see the history of purchases I made on my PS5

PlayStation is one of the pioneering consoles in the way we entertain ourselves today, it not only encompasses the well-known world of video games, but it is also at the forefront with other forms of entertainment . For this reason, through this you can acquire different services for your enjoyment, they can be movies, series, services and accessories for the games it offers.

We can do all this through an easy payment, with a credit card, debit card or PayPal, which are the most used means of making payments on this console. For this reason we must know how to place and remove the credit card , and not give free rein to purchases, for this part we also have a history of purchases made; In this article we will see how to access this history , to have control over our consumption.

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  1. What information appears in the purchase history on PlayStation 5?
  2. How can you view your PS5 purchase history?
    1. From your web browser
    2. View history from the console
  3. What to do if a purchase does not appear in your PS5 transaction history?

What information appears in the purchase history on PlayStation 5?

The detailed information of our purchases at any time is a responsibility that you must take into account for everything, since we cannot go around buying without being clear about what you are doing. This in the future can be discouraging , so keeping track and being aware of what purchases you make avoids taking risks of overdraft.

On the PlayStation 5 console we can get detailed information on everything you have bought or added to your account affiliated with a credit, debit and PayPal card. You can get this information by date, that is, if you are not sure what you purchased, or what payments should be made automatically in the last 15 days. We can do a search for only this specific period of time, and everything that has been consumed with your account will be reflected there.

How can you view your PS5 purchase history?

As for the way to see this history, it is simple, it does not require more than being connected to the internet, being logged in with the account in which we are making the purchases to consult. We cannot necessarily do it from the same console , we can do it through a browser and enter the PlayStation online store  with our ID.

Of course, in this article we will see how to see the history, how to do this from the Web and from the history stored in the console, in either of these two ways you can see the purchases that have been made. These purchases are being referred not to the console itself, but to the account that is associated with the means of payment, for this reason we can access the information by the means you have at hand at the time it is required.

From your web browser

In this way you can verify the transactions that are made and thus check if payments have been made correctly, or in some case that is not known and an unknown charge is made , you can also know it by this means, and make a claim if requires. It can also be purchased from the PlayStation Store without the need for a credit card, debit card or PayPal  without any problem.

To see the history you must enter the PlayStation Page from any browser, here you log in, and then go to the “Account Management” section now select the “Transaction History” choose the account and select the date range To consult; then you can select the transaction to see the details of this purchase.

View history from the console

When you decide to buy a PlayStation 5 , you also purchase services that make it easier for you to purchase products and services, you can also make a purchase inquiry through it, just follow a few steps. For this, the first thing to do is to go to the top in “Settings”, among all the sections that appear you must enter “Users and Accounts”, here you enter the “accounts” option, then enter “Payments and Subscriptions ”.

In this part you will enter the third option “Transaction history”, in this part you must select the time interval in which you want to see the history. Start date and end date of the search, you click on “Continue” and you will see all the transactions carried out in this time, and selecting the one you require you will be able to see more details of this

What to do if a purchase does not appear in your PS5 transaction history?

As for if it does not appear in the history, the transaction of a purchase made two things can happen. One is that it has not been made correctly, either for reasons related to the means of payment and the other cause would be that it is not located in the time interval that was stipulated to make the purchase.

In any case, if this is not what happens, and the purchase was made and it was not debited or added to the history , the best thing you can do is contact support, because it may seem like a stroke of luck, but in the long run it can play against you, having everything always clear and legal is the best.


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