How to see or show FPS in CSGO or Counter Strike Global Offensive?

Counter Strike is probably the most famous shooter in history. That’s why most want to play at the best possible level whenever they can. To do this you must have a pretty good FPS percentage (the pace of the game is frantic). So with that in mind today you will learn  how to view or display FPS in CSGO ?

This may sound like a far-fetched strategy, but in reality, it is something that most professional players take into account and apply when playing their first few games. Because with a bad FPS count everything can go wrong quickly, since you will not even be able to shoot a turtle correctly.

Before starting with this tutorial, find out how to download and install Counter Strike Global Offensive , to rule out that your error is due to a wrong process when downloading the game.

How to view or show FPS in CSGO?

Now, going straight to the point, what you must do to see or show the FPS in CSGO, is to use a series of commands on the console, which will open or show the FPS immediately, and in the position or the way that best suits you.

If you want to achieve this, first you have to activate the virtual game console, that is done by going to the “Game settings” section, and giving the option “Activate developer console” (this is below all other selections).

Then in the keyboard shortcuts, associate the option to activate the console to any key. With that ready, go to a game and when you are inside press the shortcut you put.


This action will make your console open immediately, and in it you must write the appropriate commands for your FPS to appear, there are several among which are: net_graph “0”, net_graphpos “1”, net_graphshowinterp “1” (this draws a panel FPS interpolation), net_graphshowlatency « 1 » (places a graph of Pin loss or latency).

net_graphshowsvframerate ” 0 ” (this draws the server’s framerates), net_graphtext “1 ” (makes text fields), net_graphsolid ” 1 “, among others. With those you saw you can see the FPS the way you want on the screen, so you should not have more problems with that.

The command you use will depend on you, there is no better or worse, everything is based on how you play and what you want to do during the game (it is not necessary to have the FPS open on the screen all the time). In the event that the FPS continues to drop, it may be because your computer cannot run it, so you should find out what requirements do I need to install and play Counter Strike Global Offensive ?

Why is it important to know your FPS?

Basically it is so that you have a better reaction speed when starting a game. Since, a drop in FPS represents lag or delay in the game, which can cause death to anyone. In most games this is not noticeable, but in a First Person Shooter like Counter, there is not a second that can be wasted.


This is so, because you only have one life to start, and when you die, your team will be at a complete disadvantage against others. If you are an average non-professional gamer, this might not matter that much to you, but if you really want to improve you should use the show FPS trick.

That will not make you have better internet speed or your framerates will not drop, but it will show you where you can have bugs so you can correct them. For example: it can let you determine that you have very high graphics, or very stretched screen resolution (to fix this in older versions, Counter Strike 1.6 was placed in a 1366 x 768 resolution ), things that when changing will help to improve your experience.

With that last thing you read, you already know enough to say that you answered the question How to see or show FPS in CSGO ?, and you also know a little more about the importance of these for your game. Now get out of here and start making life miserable for your rivals.

Remember, that you can always try another version of this game that suits you better, you shouldn’t give up if you can’t solve the problem, all you have to do is what is the best Counter Strike? in your browser and something will come out.


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