How to see my subscribers on YouTube from my cell phone

Are you one of the thousands of video creators on the popular video streaming platform YouTube? And if you are not, what are you waiting for to create a channel on YouTube in a few minutes ? So, surely one of the data that you consider most important is the number of subscribers to your channel. But how do I see my subscribers on YouTube from my cell phone? Here we explain it to you.

How to see my Subscribers on YouTube From Cellular – Android | IOS | iPhone

For many “YouTubers”, be they people, companies or businesses, having a channel on the YouTube platform helps them improve their growth potential, and share their talent, information or services more quickly and dynamically.

Therefore, it is essential to know well the target audience to which they will be oriented and how to improve their videos to attract more subscribers. To do this, YouTube offers a simple way to let you know the amount and behavior of your channel’s subscriptions . As well as knowing who sees the videos you post.

How to see my subscribers on YouTube from Android and iPhone

The easiest way to see the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel on your cell phone is by installing and opening the YouTube application on your Android or iPhone mobile . Inside it, press the icon of your profile photo that is in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the “My Channel” option from the drop-down menu. Doing so will open your channel page where you can see the total number of subscribers below your channel name at the top. Since August 2019, YouTube rounds the number of subscribers.

For example, if a channel has 185,317 subscribers , the figure will be 185 K. Now, if you want to have more specific data about your channel’s subscribers and statistics about it, we will show you another way to obtain that information.

See my subscribers on YouTube with the YouTube Studio app

Recently, Google has developed the YouTube Studio mobile phone app , available on the Play Store and App Store. Using this application you can manage all the features related to your YouTube channel, including subscribers, in real time and easily and quickly from your cell phone.

To see your channel’s subscription statistics, download and install the application. Open the app and press Menu (the icon with 3 horizontal lines). Select the “Analytics” option and press the “General Description” tab in the top menu.

The app will show you the most recent statistics for your channel, including the exact number of subscribers. You can even see a list of the 100 most recent subscribers to your channel, or the subscriptions made in the last 28 days. All this data will be updated in near real time.

In addition, the application offers you many other options to manage and know the type of people who subscribe to your channel, or watch your videos. Like the distribution by sex, country or age. Data that will help you improve the purpose of your YouTube channel.

Information to keep in mind about subscriptions

Both on the page and in the app, you will only be able to see the subscribers who decided to make their subscriptions public in their account settings. You should know that when a user subscribes to a YouTube channel for the first time, their subscription list will be set to private by default.

On the other hand, YouTube regularly verifies the legitimacy of the accounts so that the data exposed to both the public and the channel owner are accurate and do not have spam or closed accounts. This provides high reliability among users.

In this way, you can trust that the data and statistics provided by the application are authentic proof that your channel has formed a community of viewers who actually see your videos, promote them and support the initiatives that you promote through them.

Take advantage of the opportunities YouTube offers you to grow your business or achieve personal goals. Use the latest updates of the platform for mobile phones, share or put your links from other social networks and manage your channels easily and in real time.


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