How to see how many charge cycles our iPhone has

The charge cycles, although they are not the only important data to take into account, they give us an idea of ​​the age and condition of the battery of a device. In the case of the iPhone there are several ways to see this metric, but the one we will talk about today does not require third-party apps , it is information directly extracted from the system .

No jailbreak or third-party apps, straight from the operating system

Our iPhone or iPad periodically performs self-diagnostics. In these diagnostics, it collects information that later, if a failure occurs, can help Apple technicians reproduce the situation and fix it. In one of these diagnoses our system records the count of charge cycles carried out and it is precisely there where we are going to look for it. The process is valid on both an iPhone and an iPad and, although it consists of several steps, it is quite simple.

The first thing we will do is access the section where the system saves the diagnostics , the steps are as follows:

  1. We open the Settingsapp on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We enter Privacy.
  3. At the bottom we touch on Analysis and improvements.
  4. We enter * Analysis data.

Well, this is where we will find the log that interests us. The amount of reports in this section can be quite considerable, so we may have to scroll quite a bit to the end. The file we are looking for is the last one, since it is more recent, starting with “log-aggregated” .

Once we have found it, we simply open it and see its content. This log contains a lot of information and we are only looking for a specific line, so we will use the Notes app to be able to locate it easily . We do so:

  1. We click twice on one of the first words in the document, it does not have to be the first as the information we are looking for is significantly lower in the document.
  2. We pull the little blue shooter to the right and slide our finger at the bottom right of the screen to select all the text at maximum speed.
  3. When the selection reaches the bottom end we release and in the menu that appears we choose Copy.
  4. We exit Settingsand open the Notes app .
  5. We touch the button in the shape of a pencil on a paper to create a new note.
  6. Click once on the note and in the menu that appears we choose Paste.

Well, so far we have moved the entire log to the Notes app from where we can do a search . We continue.

  1. We touch the share button (square with up arrow). If we are using iOS / iPadOS 14 we touch the button in the shape of a circle with three dots inside.
  2. We choose Search in the note.
  3. We write or copy and paste: batterycyclecount
  4. We touch Search.

We will see that the term we have just searched is selected in yellow on the screen, if we have done it correctly it has to be the only thing highlighted . The particular line looks like this:

What interests us is the value between the two integers . That is the count of the charging cycles that the battery of our iPhone or iPad has made.

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