How to see devices connected to the router

Sometimes it is interesting to know what devices are connected to the router. We have different options for this, as we will see in this article. This will allow us to verify that the operation is optimal and also to review the security. We will be able to know if there is any equipment connected to the Wi-Fi that it should not or, on the contrary, another that we need that is and due to some error it does not work properly.

Why viewing devices on a network is good

You may wonder why it is really important to know how many devices you have connected to Wi-Fi or exactly what they are. It should be mentioned that sometimes you may need to know if a certain device is connected, when it had a signal for the last time or even if there are intruders.

The first thing is that it can help us to detect problems . Let’s say we want to watch a series in Streaming on television but it doesn’t work properly. Is the Smart TV really connected to the router? That is the first thing to check to rule out a typical error.

But it can also be very useful to avoid security problems . Here we talk especially about possible intruders that may be in the wireless network. If we suddenly see that there is a computer or a mobile connected to Wi-Fi and it shouldn’t, because we simply don’t know who it might be, it would be an alert signal to check certain parameters such as the Wi-Fi access code.

On the other hand, it can also be used for testing . Check if a device connects well, if the signal received by an IoT device that we have in an area of ​​the house allows it or not to connect to Wi-Fi without problems, etc. It can help us improve the wireless network and reduce dead zone problems.

How to see devices connected to the router with the mobile

The first option we have to know which devices are connected to Wi-Fi is to use our mobile. There are applications that help us have greater control over the network and avoid certain problems that may appear. Some options are those of Fing and that of IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer.


Fing is a free program, very easy to use, which provides us with information on connected devices simply by using the mobile. The first thing we have to do is download the program. It is available for both Android and iOS .

Without registering (although we can) we will be able to use Fing and see the main data of each device that is connected to our Wi-Fi network . It shows us information such as the name of the device, the MAC address, the operating system, the model or the IP address.

We can quickly find out if it is a mobile phone, a computer, a television … This is very useful, for example, to know if a video player is connected to Wi-Fi, if the television is correctly connected to the router, etc. It helps us detect problems and fix them whenever necessary.

It can also be useful to detect intruders from your mobile. It is enough to see the equipment that is connected to the Wi-Fi and, in case of verifying that something does not fit, to be able to take measures to protect the connection and that no errors of any kind appear.

Who is on my WiFi

An alternative is Who’s on my WiFi . It is a complete program, with a large number of options. It offers us information about ping, IP calculator, port scanner … And yes, it also shows us what computers are connected to the router at any given time and thus obtain data about each device.

To use this program, the first thing to do is download it . Although it is aimed at detecting possible intruders on the network, the truth is that we can use it to check if a specific computer is connected or not. It therefore serves as a security program, but also to keep track of everything we have connected to our network.

The mode of operation is very simple. Once we have installed it on the mobile, we simply have to go to the section where Wi-Fi networks appear and it will give us the total number of devices that are connected. We will also see each of them broken down, with the name and type of device.

WiFi thief detector

Following the same previous line, another application designed to detect intruders in the Wi-Fi and that we can use to see any equipment that we have connected to the network, is the WiFi thief detector. We can use it on the mobile in a simple way and thus have greater control over our devices.

We can go to the official Google Play store and download it. Once installed, we will have to click Devices and it will show us everything that is on the network. As usual, we will see information such as the name of each computer, the IP address, the type of device, etc. We can thus easily manage our network.

Viewing Wi-Fi Connected Computers With Your PC

In addition to using the mobile to see the equipment connected to the router, we will also be able to use our computer . Operating systems such as Windows have many programs that show us different data related to the connection, devices connected to the network, etc.

Wireless Network Watcher

For this tutorial we have used Wireless Network Watcher . It is a free software that we can download for Windows. With it we will be able to have different functions, among which it stands out to be able to see what devices are connected to the network.

We are simply going to have to install it and then run it. A window will automatically appear as we see in the image below, with all the devices that are connected and their information. We have data similar to Fing’s, such as the computer name, IP address, MAC, etc.

All this will help us to have a better knowledge about the equipment that is connected to our network. It will allow us to detect if something is wrong, such as that a game console is not connected, if a Wi-Fi printer does not have access to the network or any other equipment that should be connected.

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

With SoftPerfect WiFi Guard we are going to find a similar program, which will give us information about the devices connected to Wi-Fi. First we will have to download it from its website . Keep in mind that it has a portable and installable version, so we can simply download and run the file.

Once opened we will find a first screen as we see in the image above. We will have to choose the network adapter that interests us. Later we give Scan and it will begin to search for all the devices that are connected to that specific network that we have chosen. It will show us the list with the name, IP address, MAC, etc.

Advanced IP Scanner

It is also a very popular program for Windows. Advanced IP Scanner allows us to quickly discover which devices are connected to a network. For example, we will see if the television is connected to Wi-Fi, the printer has a signal or any Internet of Things equipment. We will have to go to its official website and download the program for Windows there.

When we open the downloaded file, it will give us to choose if we want to install it or simply start the portable version. Then you have to click on the Explore button and it will begin to search. All the computers that are connected to the network will appear, with information such as the name, IP, etc.

How to view Wi-Fi connected devices on the router

A third option, which we can all do without having to install anything, is to enter the router and check what equipment is connected to Wi-Fi. This will give us all the necessary information and we can better manage everything we have connected to the network.

First of all we are going to have to access the router. We need to know the default gateway , which is usually If we don’t know what it is, just go to Start, enter the Command Prompt, and run the ipconfig command . It will automatically show us a series of data related to the network, among which is the default gateway.

Once we know what it is, we will have to go to the browser and put it in the address bar. You have to log in and access the router settings . We will have to know what the access key is, depending on the router model we have and if we have previously changed it or not. It is usually of the type admin, admin; admin123, admin123; 1234, 1234, etc. However, in many cases it comes on a sticker under the router.

When we are inside the router, we have to go to the DHCP section , which is the one that interests us. The list of all connected devices will appear here. We will see the name of each device, its IP address, the MAC address, etc. We will quickly know if a Smart TV is connected to Wi-Fi or if the printer receives a signal correctly.

In short, knowing what devices are connected to the router is very interesting and even important in terms of security. We have seen that we can review this information from the mobile, computer and the router itself. There we will find the essential data, such as the IP address, the MAC or the name that allows us to identify the devices.

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