How to see Amazon Prime

Many of your friends are talking insistently about Amazon Prime , the Amazon subscription which, among its main advantages, allows you to access Amazon Prime Video : a movie and TV series streaming service that is making people talk more and more about itself for the excellent contents offered.

Since you are a lover of movies and TV series, you have therefore thought to listen to the advice of your friends and try the service. However, before proceeding you would like to better understand the costs you will have to bear, which devices you can use and how to access all the contents of the platform.

That’s the way it is, right? Then let me tell you that you are in the right place! In fact, by following my instructions you will easily understand how to see Amazon Prime on your favorite devices. All you have to do is follow me and put into practice what is explained below. At the end of the reading, you will have no more doubts!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to see Amazon Prime on PC
  • How to watch Amazon Prime on TV
    • How to see Amazon Prime on Smart TV
    • How to see Amazon Prime with Chromecast
    • How to see Amazon Prime with Fire TV Stick
    • How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV
    • How to see Amazon Prime on PS4
  • How to see Amazon Prime on smartphones and tablets
    • Android
    • iOS / iPadOS

Preliminary information

Before continuing and showing you how you can see Amazon Prime on all supported devices, I would like to give you some more information about the operation and costs of the service.

Well, as I have already anticipated in the previous lines, Amazon Prime is a service offered by the global e-commerce giant, which costs € 3.99 / month or € 36 / year with a 30-day initial trial (for university students become 18 € / year with 90 days of free trial), and allows you to benefit from various services, starting from free and fast shipping on millions of products. It also offers the user many other convenient services, including Amazon Prime Music , Amazon Prime Reading and Amazon Prime Video .

If, therefore, you want to access Prime Video, you must first create an Amazon account (if you don’t already have it) and activate the Amazon Prime plan: to find out in detail how to do it, I suggest you read my guides where I explain you in in-depth way how to register on Amazon and how Amazon Prime works .

Note: if you are a new Prime customer and want to avoid charges, the day before the trial expires, connect to your account and deactivate the renewal of Amazon Prime .

How to see Amazon Prime on PC

Are you planning to use Amazon Prime Video on PC ? I have some great news for you, as you will be able to access the service from your favorite browser . Also, if you use a PC with Windows 10 , you can use the official Prime Video application, which also supports offline content download.

If you want to use Amazon Prime Video via browser, the first thing you need to do is go to the official website of the service to log in. Then click on the Amazon Prime Customer button ? Log in , enter your Amazon account credentials and log in by clicking on the Login button . If you don’t already have an Amazon account with an active Prime service, click the Sign up button and use it for free for 30 days to sign up and get a 30-day free trial. More info here .

At this point, you will have access to Amazon Prime Video on your PC via browser and you can choose from hundreds of movies and TV series to watch immediately, or to add to your list.

If you prefer to use the Amazon Prime Video application for Windows 10 , visit this link , click the Get button , accept the opening of the store, press the download button again and wait for the software to download and install. Once the Prime Video application has been launched, all you have to do is log in by entering your Amazon account credentials .

Now you finally have access to Amazon Prime Video and you can choose whether to watch your content online or download and watch it even without an Internet connection. To download content on your PC, all you have to do is go to the section dedicated to the content of your interest and click on the Download button .

How to watch Amazon Prime on TV

How do you say? Would you like to watch your favorite TV series from the comfort of the living room sofa? I am happy to tell you that it is possible, and there are many ways to do it, both for Smart TVs and for non-Smart TVs . In short, if you want to know how to see Amazon Prime on TV , all you have to do is keep reading.

How to see Amazon Prime on Smart TV

If you own a Smart TV , I would like to inform you that it is most likely possible for you to use Amazon Prime Video through a dedicated application.

The Amazon Prime Video application is in fact compatible with many Smart TVs, for example with Samsung Smart TVs produced from 2012 onwards, LG Smart TVs produced from 2014 onwards and Sony Smart TVs produced from 2015 onwards. To get a complete picture of compatible Smart TVs, you can visit the official website , where you can find all the necessary information in the Supported devices section .

Before you can download and use the application on your Smart TV you need to check that the latter is connected to the Internet. To do this, if you use a wireless network, go to the Settings menu , look for the item relating to the Network and then the one relating to the Wi-Fi connection . The procedure, although similar enough for all Smart TVs, may vary depending on the model.

If you have a wired connection, on the other hand, just check the correct insertion of the Ethernet cable into the TV and into the router. If you have any doubts or want additional information, I suggest you read my guide where I explain how to connect the TV to the Internet .

After verifying that your TV is actually connected to the Internet, open the store integrated within it, then search for the Amazon Prime Video application and press the Download button . Again, the procedure may vary depending on the model of Smart TV you own.

Once the application is open on the Smart TV, log in to the service by entering your Amazon account credentials and press the Login button . After that, you will have access to the entire Amazon Prime catalog and thus be able to watch your favorite content from the TV. More info here .

How to see Amazon Prime with Chromecast

If your Smart TV does not support the Amazon Prime Video application, or you have a non-Smart TV, know that you can use Google Chromecast , a “key” that connects to the HDMI port of the TV, to a source of power supply and thus allows the viewing of content from smartphones, tablets or computers wirelessly. It works via Wi-Fi network and supports a huge range of applications, including Prime Video for Android and iOS / iPadOS .

The Google home device, which can be purchased directly from the official store of the Mountain View giant, is available in two versions: a base that allows you to play content up to Full HD resolution and an Ultra , which also supports 4K content and includes a LAN port. Using it is really very simple.

Once connected to your TV, all you have to do is configure Chromecast by downloading the Google Home application for Android or iOS / iPadOS and following the wizard that is proposed to you. More info here .

After the configuration, all you have to do is start the Amazon Prime video application on your smartphone or tablet, start the content you want to transmit to the TV and, subsequently, press the transmission icon (the screen with the Wi-Fi waves ) and select your Chromecast from the list of available devices. Obviously, Chromecast and smartphone or tablet must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for everything to work properly.

You can then control multimedia playback directly from your device. If you want to know more about the Google home device you can, consult my guide where I explain how Google Chromecast works .

How to see Amazon Prime with Fire TV Stick

As an alternative to Google Chromecast you can use the Fire TV Stick , an Amazon home device that makes any TV with an HDMI port available Smart.

In fact, the device, once connected, allows the user to view not only the contents of Amazon Prime Video, but also of many other streaming services , such as Netflix and Disney + , using a convenient remote control (it is therefore not bound to use support smartphone or tablet).

The Fire TV Stick is available in different versions: the Lite version (the basic one) which supports content up to Full HD resolution, the Standard version , which has the same features as the lite version but has a remote control with more functions and Dolby Atmos audio and, finally, the 4K Ultra HD version , which supports Ultra HD / 4K content and also provides an Ethernet port.

Additionally, you may want to consider purchasing the Fire TV Cube , a multimedia box with built-in speaker (a kind of hybrid between Fire TV Stick and Amazon Echo ) that supports 4K Ultra HD resolution content with Dolby Vision up to 60 fps and Dolby Atmos audio .


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After installing the device and performed the initial setup procedure , went inside the home screen , locate the ‘ application of Amazon Prime Video and start it.

Since you will surely have logged in with your Amazon account during the initial setup, the only thing you need to do now is browse the catalog and start the content of your interest! Simple, isn’t it?

Furthermore, if you need additional information on the Amazon home device and its configuration, I inform you that I have written a tutorial where I explain in detail what the Amazon Fire TV Stick is and how it works .

How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV

Apple TV is a multimedia box produced by Apple that allows you to access content from hundreds of apps, play many video games (even with Bluetooth controllers) and receive content from iPhone, iPad and Mac. To work, it must be connected to the HDMI port of the TV and a power outlet , after which it can be operated with the supplied remote control or with the Remote app for smartphones .

Various models of the device are available: one HD (with 32GB of memory) and uni 4K (available in 32GB and 64GB versions).


Apple TV HD (32GB)

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Apple TV 4K (32GB)

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Apple TV 4K (64GB)

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To install Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV, just open the App Store on the device in question (the “A” icon on a blue background), search for the Prime Video application , select it, press the Get button and perform the recognition by entering your Apple ID password.

Once the download is complete, start Amazon Prime Video by selecting the app icon from the Apple TV Home screen and log in to the service by entering your Amazon account credentials. At this point you are free to browse the catalog offered by the service and start playing all its contents.

I also inform you that, if you want, you can use the AirPlay technology to transmit the contents of the Prime Video app installed on the iPhone / iPad to Apple TV. To do this, make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network , then start playing content from the Amazon Prime Video application on your mobile device, press the AirPlay icon (the one with the screen and the triangle at the top right) and select the Apple TV from the list of available devices.

How to see Amazon Prime on PS4

If you own a PS4 , I’m happy to announce that you’ll be able to watch Amazon Prime Video on your console quickly and easily! You must know, in fact, that there is the dedicated Amazon Prime Video application for PlayStation 4, which allows instant access to the Amazon streaming service.

To download it, go to the PS4 main menu , press the X button of the controller on the shopping bag icon to access the PlayStation Store , then press the Search button at the top and type Amazon Prime Video in the search field.

Next, locate the suggested application and press the Download button to start its download and installation. If you receive an email from Sony to thank you for “purchasing” the app, don’t worry: the application is free and you will not be charged any amount.

After installing Prime Video, start the app in question by pressing the X button on the controller on its icon that appears on the console’s Home screen , log in by entering your Amazon account credentials and you will be free to use Amazon Prime Video on the your console.

I inform you that the Amazon Prime Video application is also available for all versions of Xbox One . As in the case of the PS4, even on the Microsoft home console just go to the official store and download the application completely free of charge.

If you need additional information or have any doubts about the procedure, I suggest you read my article where I explain how to see Amazon Prime Video on the PS4 .

How to see Amazon Prime on smartphones and tablets

Would you like to be able to see Amazon Prime on the go? No problem, considering that Amazon’s streaming service is also accessible from smartphones and tablets , through a special application.


If you have an Android smartphone / tablet , you can download the Prime Video app by opening the Play Store (the colored ▶ ︎ symbol on the Home screen or in the app menu), searching for the latter in it and first pressing on its icon in the search results and then on the Install button .

If you are reading this tutorial directly from your device, you can open the Play Store page dedicated to Prime Video by clicking on the link provided a few lines above. If, on the other hand, you use a device without the Play Store, you can search for it in one of the alternative stores for Android .

When installation is complete, start the Prime Video application, by pressing the Open button on the store screen or by pressing its icon on the Home screen and log in by entering the credentials for your Amazon account .

From now on you will have access to thousands of content to watch online or without an internet connection. In fact, by going to the tab of a content, you will notice the presence of a download button , which will allow you to download it and watch it offline (for a limited period of time).

iOS / iPadOS

Do you own an Apple mobile device ? Good news! In fact, even with iPhone and iPad you can view the contents of Amazon Prime Video through the dedicated application. Then open the App Store (the “A” icon on a blue background on the Home screen), press the Search tab (bottom right) and search for Prime Video on the screen that opens. Next, select the app icon from the search results, hit the Get / Install button and verify your identity via Face ID, Touch ID or Apple ID password (if needed).

Once the app is installed, all you have to do is start it, by pressing the Open button on the App Store screen or by pressing its icon on the Home screen.

Then you just have to log in with your Amazon account credentials and you will finally have access to the entire catalog offered by the service. I inform you that, as in the case of Android devices, also in this case you will be able to download some contents offline, in order to watch them even without an Internet connection.


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