How to see Amazon Alexa history

You may not know that every time you give your Alexa voice assistant a command, this command is stored on Amazon’s servers . The Amazon Alexa history is then used by Amazon to fine-tune the voice assistant to your habits. Fortunately, Amazon provides the ability to see Amazon Alexa history with a few simple steps that I will describe shortly.

It is important from time to time to see Amazon Alexa history and possibly delete its contents to avoid compromising your privacy. Without wasting too much time in chatting, let’s see how you can see the history of the voice commands given to the Amazon echo devices.

See Amazon Alexa history

In order to see Amazon Alexa history you will need to use your mobile phone and in particular the Alexa application. So open the alexa app from your smartphone and click on the button at the top left with the symbol of three horizontal lines to open the menu. From the menu that appears, select the settings item and then press the account settings item .

From the account settings menu you will need to select the history item to open the Amazon Alexa history management screen. From this window we will be able to filter the Alexa history based on the period and the echo device.

By pressing on the date range drop-down you can select the time range of the chronology (choosing from one of these items today, yesterday, this week, this month, entire chronology or custom). Once you have selected the time frame you will be able to see Amazon Alexa history for that period.

Pressing on filter by device you can choose which echo device you want to see the Alexa history for.

For the Amazon Alexa history, the voice commands will be shown with a lot of command time and name of the device that received the command. Next to each command there is a key with the shape of an arrow down which, if pressed, allows us to see further details of the command; it is also possible to listen to the recording of the command given by pressing on the symbol with the arrow pointing to the right present for each element of the alexa history.

If you notice that there are entries in the Amazon Alexa history that you do not want to be stored, you can safely delete the Alexa history by following this guide .

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