How to search Netflix by MPAA age rating easily?

In many cases, it is necessary to know the methods to search Netflix by age classification, either for ourselves or for other people. Commonly, this type of search is made efficient for parents, being able to determine what content their children can consume in this Streaming application .

What to do to search Netflix by age rating?

This immense audiovisual content rental company is one of the best known worldwide and with the largest number of elements between series, films and documentaries.

Many times, the little ones at home want to see a movie or series and we don’t know which one to let them see, to avoid them seeing inappropriate content . For this reason, the search with age classification is created, making it easier for parents and children to handle the appropriate content for each one, without risks.

Netflix, by allowing the creation of different profiles within its platform, allows one or more of these to be established with appropriate content as allowed for the child . To configure, the process is quite simple, you just have to follow a few steps and understand the MPAA nomenclature, which we explain later.

Set Netflix by age rating

In case you are reading this article before creating an account on this platform or before logging in for the first time, you will need to log in to follow the tutorial . Enter the official page of this platform and provide your account details. Once it opens, you can start editing the screens and the ages of the users.

Well, you must enter the profile you want to edit, once there, select “My account” and then “Help”, at the bottom you will find the “Account profile” section You must click on the “Edit” option and then you must locate the “Maturity level” option and display the options menu.

Once you decide what the proper classification will be. You just have to click on “Save” this is necessary for all changes to be applied to the profile you selected.

After having done this, the profile with the classification you selected will be displayed on the main screen and in it. Only content allowed for age will be seen.

How to select the proper classification in Netlfix?

When you decide to customize a profile on Netflix by age rating, you must take into account which is the appropriate rating so as not to be wrong. The nomenclature is really quite simple, you just need to understand some concepts and the meaning of some letters.

Keep in mind that each country has its own age rules, Netflix, on its help page, lets you know what the nomenclature of your country is. Normally, this is done by age, which is the simplest way, in this way, it will be faster to establish in which classification to go the profile.

A general classification is, Children 7+, adolescents 13+ and adults 16+ , with this you can understand the classification by which you must determine the profile.

Does Netflix have parental controls?

In case you have several children at home, it is preferable to access an account with parental control. This way you avoid creating a Netflix account by age rating.

This control has certain characteristics according to the laws of each country, but usually allows you to block titles, searches and categories on Netflix. The most recommended thing is that you inform yourself directly with the help page of this platform, so you will know what the capabilities of the account are in your country.

Remember to always correctly determine the classification allowed for your children and select it before allowing them access to the account, so they will be safer.

Netflix has many tools that will make their use more personal and safe for the user, we recommend that you know them to be able to get the most out of your Netflix account, such as using the hidden category code or putting a security code on your account.

If you want to hire a streaming company so that your children can watch safely and without worrying that they may get inappropriate content, we recommend that you download and purchase a Disney + subscription .


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