How to search by image on AliExpress

AliExpress has become one of the largest e-commerce platforms. In its catalog there are millions of products. Among the search options of these is the text, but you can also find articles from a photo. We explain how to search by image on AliExpress.

Selling low-priced products of all types and conditions is the main attraction of the AliExpress trading platform. In addition, its mobile application also stands out for its ease of use and simple design so that the buyer can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Of course, AliExpress makes a great effort that users find what they are looking for and do not get lost browsing the millions of products that are offered in the application. These product searches can be done using text, but you can also search for products through a photo. So, today we explain how to search by image on AliExpress.

The first thing you should have before knowing how to search by image in AliExpress is the photo or image of the product that you are going to try to locate . This photo may have been taken by you or you may have downloaded or saved it from another web page. When you have it save it in the photo gallery of your phone or tablet.

To find out how to search by image in AliExpress, open the application on your mobile device or tablet. At the top right of the screen you will see the icon of a photo camera, click on it. Now you will see that you can take a photo at that moment for the app to search for that product or scan a barcode.

If you have the photo in the gallery, click where it says “gallery” and select it. Once you do so, suggestions for similar products with their prices and also in different categories will be shown in the application. This search option is very interesting because it will also help you to compare prices of the same product.


If you already know how to search by image in AliExpress from your mobile device or tablet, you cannot miss the AliExpress search by image extension that will make it possible to search by image in AliExpress but from your computer.

AliExpress search by image is a Chrome extension that allows you to search for any image within AliExpress. You can download it and add it to your browser. Then you can search for any image on any web page on the internet. Then click on it with the right button and choose the option “Search goods on AliExpress by this image”. A new tab will open with the search results on AliExpress. In addition, from the button that is added in the upper right part of the browser you can include the url to the image for your search as well.


If you want to know how to find products on AliExpress, easily remember that you can search by text and that you can also locate them by a photo.

To find out how to find products on AliExpress by searching by words, you just have to open the application and write the product you want to find in the box that appears at the top of the image . Then click on the magnifying glass icon to start the search.

Also, that you can narrow down that search by clicking on “filter” . There you can select the minimum and maximum price, if you want to find items with free shipping or those with the best value.

If you want to find products in AliExpress from a photo, you can find all the information at the top of this post, where we tell you how to search by image in AliExpress. Remember that you must do it from the camera-shaped icon that you have in the upper right part of the app.

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