How to search and find satellite photos of a certain date and time

In 2005, Google launched Google Earth. It is based on a virtual globe where different aspects and cartographies of the planet are observed. Do you want to take advantage of this technology? Well, we explain how to search and find satellite photos of a certain date and time .

This Google Maps tool offers maps to be able to move around, satellite photos to locate avenues, traffic conditions, among others.

This balloon is formed by the superposition of certain images from satellites. They also incorporate photos of aerial, data from the Geographic Information System or GIS (to be able to make queries, display maps, among others) and models that have been created by computers.

What are the features of Google Maps and Google Earth?

Google Maps. We can say that basically these are maps of the different cities , because through this application you can get addresses or places of interest. In addition to the transport that suits you according to the kilometers to travel and the time it would take to reach the destination.

With Google Earth you visualize any place, by means of the images that the satellites constantly cross the Earth , showing different geographical themes, historical monuments, mountains in a three-dimensional way; Also, you can see other planets and galaxies.

You can search and save photos taken by satellites indicating the date and time , locate addresses of parks, restaurants, museums, cities near your location as Google Maps does; audio can also be added for simple trips.

With the latest update called Google Earth of July 29, 2020 , the different places in the world can be expanded, in addition to appending the user’s photos and creating projects to share or modify thanks to the fact that they are stored in Google Drive.

How do you access Google Maps and Google Earth?

Google Maps in its light version or the standart app that is commonly used, is an online service that you can use by accessing its website through any browser; It is also available as an Android mobile app in the Play Store.

If you want to use Google Earth, you can access it from the Chrome browser; but if you don’t have this browser installed, then you can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Now we will teach you how to search and find satellite photos of a certain date and time.

How to search and find satellite photos at a certain date and time?

First of all we inform you that in Google Maps Earth, you can create or edit maps , if you are interested in more details we will expand it to make it easier for you to work with it. Now let’s continue with the normal process to search in Google Earth:

  • The first thing we must do is enter Google Earth and select the area that interests you by zooming in.
  • Then we click on the top button in the shape of a clock to bring up the “Time Bar” in which you can choose the year you are looking for.
  • If you slide to the right the most recent will appear and to the left those of previous times. But if you want to adjust a specific moment in the image, then press an icon at the top in the shape of a wrench that will give you this option.
  • In this window, you can also select the time or date and the approximate time.
  • In this case, Google Earth will replace the photo that corresponds to this new data.
  • This is because they are copyrighted. If you need something very specific, you should contact the original creator of the photo, especially when there is little information about it or mosaic type. Now we capture the map by pressing the ” Save image” icon .
  • Next, the buttons for “Map options”, “Resolutions” and “Save image” are displayed ; in the first, the options that alter it are unchecked, the second allows you to choose the resolution you need and in the last you place the name and location of the image on the hard drive.

To conclude, we have been able to see the advantage of having these applications. Both have well-defined characteristics; for example if you did not know, with google you can make fairly accurate distance measurements; It also has other functions that can help you when you need information from a specific site or directly copy a complete map . Including parameters such as date and time. You can leave us your comments to know your experience.


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