How to search and find a song by means of its lyrics?

It knows how to search and find a song by its lyrics, it has happened to all of us that we listen to a song several times, we like it but we do not know what it is called.

So today we will show you different tools that you can use to know the name of that song that you have in your head all day but you still don’t know what its name is.

How to Search and Find a Song by means of its Lyrics? – Very easy

Discover the title of a song by searching for its lyrics

There are many ways that the internet currently offers you so that you can discover the name of a song that you really like. So write down these tips so you can search and find a song by its lyrics.

The first option is through YouTube , this has taken the lead in recent years as one of the search engines used.

It has a very complete search algorithm that is perfect for finding whatever song it is. That is why it is always debated which is better to listen to Spotify or YouTube music?

All you have to do is put a piece of the lyrics of the song you are looking for in the YouTube search bar. Hit ” Search ” or ” Enter ” and then a list will appear with all the matches found.


You just have to click on the option that seems correct and enjoy your favorite song of which you finally discovered the name.

Now, another method to search and find a song by its lyrics is through the Google search engine. As it belongs to the same company as YouTube, its search algorithms are just as efficient. For something, it is considered one of the best web browsers of 2020.

Now what you should do is place a piece of the song’s lyrics in the Google search engine and click on “ Search ”. Next, you will see a long list of all the matches.

This option is perfect because you can find the full lyrics of the song along with its name or the official video on YouTube.

Other online tools

Not only can you find the title of a song through Google or YouTube, there are many pages on the internet where you can search and find a song by its lyrics.

One of these most popular tools is, you just have to enter their website, and immediately you will see a search bar, enter a fragment of the lyrics of the song there and click on “Search”.

You will see all the available matches, in addition to the full lyrics of the song. But in addition to you can find many pages available for you to find the title of the song that you like so much.

Among the options you can find,, or The search is exactly the same as on and they are all just as effective.

Shazam, a perfect tool for Android and iOS

Now, you may like a song that you don’t know the lyrics of, much less the title. That’s why Shazam came to save you.

The first thing you should do is download Shazam on your phone through the Play Store, and just when the song you like starts playing, open the application and click on the big Shazam icon. Knowing how Shazam and other Apps that recognize songs work , the rest is a piece of cake.


It will begin to analyze the song and in a few minutes it will give you the search result, where not only will you be able to know the title of the song but it will also tell you the name of the artist, the album to which belongs that song and the year of release.

I think that you can’t find something better than this, the best way to discover the title of that song that you like so much is in front of you.

Although Shazam is not so perfect, because in its free version there are few searches that it will allow you to perform , once you exhaust the free searches you will have to hire its Premium version.

That is why other applications were created instead that do the same thing but for free, these are SoundHound, Soly and Musixmatch.


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