How to schedule the sending of emails with iPhone

Apple through its periodic updates introduces more and more features to simplify the daily and professional use of its devices. Thanks to the new update to iOS 16 , a really not bad feature has been introduced with regards to emails. In fact, it is finally possible to schedule the sending of emails using your iPhone .

Schedule emails to be sent via iPhone and iPad

Since this is a feature introduced with the new system update, the app that allows you to schedule the sending of emails via iPhone is the Mail application pre-installed on Apple devices.

The steps to be taken to program an email are really simple and fast:

  • once you open the iPhone Mail app, you will have to write your email to send;
  • completed the drafting of the e-mail message and entered the subject and recipient, all you have to do is press for a few seconds on the Send symbol in the top right;
  • after a few seconds, you will see a drop-down menu appear;
  • at this point, you will have to tap on the item Send later and to conclude select the day and time in which the sending must be made.
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