How to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s collaboration platform, Teams, allows you to schedule meetings directly on the tool. See how to schedule them.

The Teams , Microsoft’s platform focused on work in collaboration and communication, allows you to schedule meetings directly in the tool and even the Outlook, the e-mail management program. This feature is useful as it automatically synchronizes dates with the calendar and invitations can be sent by email. Check out how to schedule a meeting at Teams below .

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It is possible to schedule a meeting through the Teams calendar and through Outlook (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft Teams)

How to schedule a meeting at Teams

There are a few ways to schedule a Teams meeting directly from the platform. See below:

On the conversation screen with a contact

  1. Open the chat with the contact you want to schedule a meeting;
  2. In the bottom menu, below the box where you type the message, select “Schedule meeting”, an icon similar to a calendar;
  3. Enter the meeting data; the chat contact will automatically appear as a participant;

You can schedule a meeting at Teams by chat (Image: Playback / Microsoft Teams)

On the Teams home screen

  1. In the left side menu, select “Calendar”;
  2. In the upper right corner, click on “New meeting”;
  3. Add the details of the meeting: title, dates and times, participants and description;
  4. Confirm and the meeting will be scheduled;

How to schedule Teams meeting from Outlook

You can also schedule a meeting at Teams through Outlook, Microsoft’s email management platform. Tool calendars are synchronized, so the meeting scheduled in one also appears in the other. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Calendar” tab, in the left side menu of Outlook;
  2. On the top toolbar, click on “New Teams Meeting”;
  3. Add participants’ contacts and set dates and times;
  4. Click on “Send”;
  5. Participants will receive the meeting invitation by email and it will appear on the Teams calendar;

How to invite participants from outside the organization

It is possible to invite people from outside your organization in a simple way. In Teams, follow the steps:

  1. In the meeting information screen shown above, select “Add required participants”;
  2. Enter the email address of the guests;
  3. Select “invite”. Contacts will receive an email with the meeting invitation;

In Outlook, just add the e-mail of the participants from outside the organization before sending the invitation.


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