How to scan documents from Android cell phone using CamScanner

CamScanner is a very particular application, whose operation is based on what its name indicates: the possibility of scanning documents through the mobile phone’s camera , and thus achieve digitizing them to your storage.

This makes it an extremely useful and demanded tool, which solves the transport and weight problem that prevents you from using a scanner every time you need it.

Through a paid method and a free one, it offers a series of professional options that enable the correct viewing and reading of those documents that you need to scan.

In addition, it is a very practical tool, as it can be used from the work point of view to the student one. Including the need to digitize invoices or contracts that deserve a secure backup. So if you would like to learn a little more about this amazing tool, keep reading this article.

CamScanner, an application designed to scan

Since the beginning of Android telephony, CamScanner has been dedicated to offering its services every time a user needs to digitize a paper or surface. In order to store it safely .

Despite being a very small and little recognized application. It effectively fulfills its purpose in each of the devices where it is installed.

Among its advantages you can get the ease of sharing the content you have scanned. Either to other telephones, printers or faxes, as well as the possibility of taking notes on images, having a storage cloud , among others.

As mentioned before, it also has two versions, one free and the other Premium. That vary according to the services and functions it offers within itself.

However, this paid version is useful only for those who deserve to use the program from a more professional point of view.

One of the options that stands out in the Premium version is the possibility of transcribing the text into a TXT document directly from the image. But if you just want to digitize the content of a series of documents, the free version will suffice.

How is CamScanner used?

Its usability is quite simple, as it has an extremely direct interface to each of its functions . When you start the application, a blank window will appear on your screen that represents the “gallery” of scans that you have carried out since it has been installed on your mobile.

Within this screen you will find options such as to start scanning a document and converting the files to a specific format, be it PDF or JPG.

Starting to scan with CamScanner

To start, click on the camera icon located in the lower right part of the start. Which will take you to a screen similar to that of the mobile camera application.

Within that interface, you will have to decide between the main options: scan a single document or a multi-document. Marked at the top of the screen with the checkered icon.

After making this selection, you only need to place the phone in front of the document and capture the image. While the application takes care of automatically detecting the folio.

The next step is to press the accept button and the image will be analyzed to scale to the size of the screen. To go to the settings section.

Post-scan settings

You can define the title of each image, so that they can be kept in an organized way. In turn, it consists of a series of filters or manual adjustments that can improve the visualization and definition of the scan performed, in order to obtain a better result.

At the end, you will only click on the accept button again to complete the procedure. Seeing how it is automatically attached to the main page of the application.

This way, you will get a backup copy of each document. Which will also allow you to have easy access whenever you need it.

In conclusion, the amount of benefits that are obtained through this application are numerous. Therefore it is highly recommended to add CamScanner to your program library.


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